Summer Fish Tacos with Grilled Peaches

12 February 2015
Tacos were a main staple of our families diet growing up. Our family loved anything TexMex. Quick, easy, yummy....and predominantly packaged. Going plastic free meant saying adios to anything by Old El Paso and learning to make variations of my fave dishes. This recipe is one of them.

Everything in this dish is in season during the Summer months, making it perfect for seasonal eating. The fish and vegetables can be gathered plastic free and of course, is a zero waste friendly meal.

Summer Fish Tacos with Grilled Peaches

Summer Fish Tacos with Grilled Peaches
(feeds 6 people)

Whiting (sustainably caught fish)
2 Peaches
1 Carrot
1 green Kohirabi (or daikon works well too)
1 quarter Cabbage
1 Lime
Iceberg lettuce leaves or tortillas

How to put it together
Grate carrots, kohirabi and cabbage into a bowl. Squeeze half a lime over the grated carrots, korrabi, cabbage and set aside. Next add the oil to the pan and cook the whiting using your spatula or a fork break up the fish so it is in flakes. When the fish is cooked moved to a bowl. Cut the peaches into bit size squares. Put the peaches into a pan and cook until warm then move to a bowl.

If I don't have tortillas I use ice berg lettuce leaves. The easiest way to get the leaves off is to remove the nobby part at the base. The leaves should come off easily and look like little bowls. Then put your fillings inside the lettuce leaf; carrot, kohirabi, cabbage mix followed by the fish and topped with the warm peaches. If you can't get peaches, nectarines work just as nicely.

Iceberg lettuce sounds a bit weird. Where or how do you get your normal corn or flour tortillas?

Firstly, using iceberg lettuce as your wrap is really yummy, fresh and super iceberg lettuce is available every month bar June and August. If that has not won you over, then making your own authentic tortillas is hard unless you have the correct flour which is impossible to get in Australia unpackaged. You could try making your own flour tortillas using this recipe. Personally I like the crisp taste of the lettuce.

For those that live in Melbourne, particularly in the western 'burbs there is a Mexican restaurant called La Tortilleria. They mill and make their own tortillas from scratch. The crew frequent local farmers markets selling the tortillas package free. I am always told they love that I bring my own cloth bags because that is how everybody does it in Mexico. Plus they are that ridiculously good it would be hard to go back to the supermarket brands ever. I consider myself pretty lucky I have a La Tortillera 10 mins away.

What is your favourite taco combination?


  1. Anonymous2/15/2015

    Made a variation of these for dinner tonight - delish!
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. I am glad you liked it :)

  2. These look delicious Erin. Definitely one to pop on the list.xx

    1. Thanks Cynthia :) I am hoping summer stays a little bit longer so I can enjoy them for a few more months.

  3. These look so yum! And perfect for summer. Definitely going to make these.

    1. Hope you enjoy them Chloe x


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