Do you work in sustainability, with the environment, conservation or an eco-organisation?
While I am not trained formally to work in the sustainability field, I am hired to write, speak, host workshops and consultant in areas of zero waste, plastic-free and sustainable living. It does not pay all my bills and I still earn a living working a regular 9-5 job in the CBD of Melbourne, in a discipline unrelated to sustainability, conservation, the environment etc etc.

Do you have a degree in environmental studies or sustainability?
Nope! and neither does my husband.

Have you always been passionate about the environment?
I appreciated it, but I never thought about my impact. I would not have called myself eco friendly or a greenie.

How do you have time to do everything?
I don't make everything from scratch. I might make some of my makeup but then I don't make my own household cleaning products and I don't make ALL of my food from scratch either. The biggest time thief was learning new habits for a plastic free and zero waste life. Over time, these new routines became habit and less time is now required. It’s the getting into a new habit that takes the time. I would say I have more time now than I used to.

I want to reduce my plastic/rubbish but I don’t know where to start?
Pick one room of the house and work your way around from there. Don’t give yourself a time limit and don’t compare yourself to anyone. I advise people to start in the kitchen because this is the room we shop for more often than the others. Swap plastic shopping bags for cloth ones, take your own containers for reuse, compost food, shop at bulk food stores – making some of these choices will see a reduction in plastic and/or trash in your house. Feel free to contact me if you want :) I’m always happy to help. I compiled a list of helpful blog posts, that you can read here.

What are the rules on taking my own containers to businesses for refill?
It is the responsibility of a food business to produce safe and suitable food, as specified under the Food Act (the Act) and Australia New Zealand Code (the Code). Neither the Act or the Code references packaging that is provided by the customer. This means that it would be up to the individual business to determine if it is appropriate for a container provided by the customer can be used.

What do you line your bin with?
I don’t actually throw anything away into our household bin but I have a roommate that does. So we line the bin with old newspapers.

Is there anything you miss?
Vegemite! I wish I could buy that in bulk. Vegemite kid, through and through. Having said that, after I have gone without things for so long, I got used to being without.

Where do you buy your stainless steel containers from?
Life Without Plastic and Biome.

I live in a rural area and don't have access to a bulk food store, what can I do? 
I would find like minded individuals in your community and start a bulk co-op. I have written about two rural bulk co-ops, explaining how they operate here and here.

Do you offer workshops or talks?
Yes I do :)  Email me to see when I am available. Please note, I am not taking any more bookings for talks and workshops at schools, community groups, festivals and businesses until June 2017.

Why 'Rogue Ginger'?
Proud as punch red haired woman right here. I am a ginger. Self explanatory.

 Rogue came about when I had dreams for this corner of the web to be my travel blog. The word rogue had a gypsy zing to it, something akin to a wayward traveler. Then plans changed and instead of packing my bags, I unpacked them. The blog went down a different path as I became passionate about plastic free living and zero waste. You could say I am still a rogue; wayward against current consumer convention. I have thoughts on changing the name but have yet to land on something I love.

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