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Living a plastic free and/or zero waste life, does not mean you have to give up makeup and general personal hygiene. Below are recipes and helpful tips that are kind to your body, earth and the people we share it with. Everything here focuses on plastic free and low waste options, with easy do it yourself guides that champion reusing containers rather than throwing them out, plus reviews on low waste or plastic free ready made products.
Find out why I choose to make my own beauty products (this is a guest post I wrote for another website).

Not everyone wants to or has the ability to make there own beauty and body products. Can I buy zero waste and plastic free make up? is a common question received. I have decided to do some research, try products, and present them here on the blog throughout the year.



  • Product Review: Ethique's Solid Beauty Bars With Plastic-Free Packaging. A great option for those without access to a bulk store, don't want to put oil straight onto their skin or don't want to make their own moisturiser.
  • Oils like hemp and sunflower oil work perfectly as a low waste option for my skin, that I can buy from my local bulk food store in a reusable jar. Other oils worth trying are coconut, almond, grape seed, oil and sesame seed.

  • I use a bar of olive oil soap, vegan, palm oil free and made here in Melbourne using local ingredients.  It comes unpackaged. There are many different places to buy either unpacked soap or wrapped in paper/cardboard like bulk stores, farmers markets, craft markets, health food stores and even the regular supermarket. Swapping out packaged liquid soap saves over 8-12 bottles per year plus the added pumps and packaging. 









  • Beware toilet paper wrapped in paper packaging (like Planet Ark's endorsed SAFE brand) generally has a sneaky plastic lining. This is a hygiene rule for toilet paper sold in packs. If the toilet paper roll is sold individually, like Woolworths HomeBrand or Delsey found at Coles, it is wrapped in only paper. Other brands like Who Gives A Crap (funds clean water projects) and Pure Planet (tree free paper using sugarcane and bamboo pulp waste), sell toilet paper individually wrapped in boxes of 36-48 rolls. Individually wrapped means there is no sneaky paper. WGAC and PP both manufacture and ship from China. If you feel inclined to order suggest they try using a plastic free tape (the more people that ask, the higher the chance they will make the swap). Promocean offer bulk buy, individually toilet wrapped paper too. WGAC and PP are the only two listed above that claim to contain no BPA. BPA gets into toilet paper through store receipts placed in recycling bins. Here is info on receipts and BPA.

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