Plastic Free Zero Waste Mascara

19 August 2014
My quest to find the ultimate easy homemade Plastic Free Zero Waste Mascara has been just that: a quest.

There are fantastic store bought mascaras that are void of cruel practices and harmful chemicals while providing oomph to lashes. Unfortunately mascara packaging that can be recycled is non-existent right now in Australia. And even if I did have the option to use recyclable mascara the constant use of resources to make each packaged container and all the mascara wands did not sit right with me especially when I can reuse the same wand and container.

I have toiled, mixed, melted and swirled a variety of home-made mascara recipes. I had found an OK recipe but was not 100% happy with it. I wanted something easy – something I was used too. With the various tutorials out there for home-made mascara I have discovered that sometimes a recipe requires tweaking to allow the end result to suit the individual.

So I persevered and finally, FINALLY made an easy home-made mascara that is perfect for my lashes and maybe even yours too.

Easy home-made mascara

Easy Home Made, Plastic Free and Zero Waste Mascara Recipe

Adapted from here.

1/2 teaspoon finely grated soap
1/2 teaspoon activated charcoal
3 drops almond oil
1/8 teaspoon purified water

Method: Place your finely grated soap into a heatproof dish and warm on the stove (or microwave). I put my heatproof dish into a pot on the stove. As the soap warms up add the water then add the activated charcoal and oil. Mix together with a wooden skewer and pour into your designated container. Let set. Wash your heatproof dish and skewer for next time.

To use: Wet your mascara wand with a drop of water from the tap or use purified water. Rub across your mascara and apply to your lashes as you would normal mascara. The mascara dries quickly and there is no flaking. For more volume I let one layer dry then add another layer of mascara. No longer miss store bought mascara. Hoorah! To remove use a wet wash cloth.
Easy home-made mascara
Easy home-made mascara
Easy home-made mascara

I have not had sore eyes but I imagine that if I got any of the mixture into my eyes it would sting considering the soap component of the recipe. I make a fresh batch every two weeks using this soapUPDATE 2.12.2014 No sore eyes yet. No inflammation either. Comes off easy with water. 

UPDATE 12.10.2015 I have had person come back to me saying the mixture stung their eyes when they cried. I have not had this happen to me yet! 

Currently I am using activated charcoal capsules. They are messy and I suggest putting down an old tea towel when you open them to get out the charcoal. They come in a recyclable container but I would love to try Ariana's tutorial on making your own activated charcoal. No packaging + learning a new skill = win. UPDATE 2.12.2014 I have since made my own activated charcoal using Ariana's tutorial. Mascara is still looking awesome! 

None of the ingredients used have an EWG rating beyond 0. Pretty awesome right?

I am very VERY happy with this easy home-made mascara that is zero waste and plastic free.

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