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Since my break-up with single use plastic, my personal grooming regime has been hit hard. But not only because of the plastic items that encase my blush and eye shadow. The shakeup came also from the chemicals in the make-up.

When I started delving into the history of plastic, reading about its uses and misuses, there was a staggering amount of information pointing to the hazardous chemicals that lurk in the plastic making process. This, coupled with the harm plastics and the chemicals wreck on our environment, was enough for me to question the not so nice chemical intake in my general life. It was a natural progression to start looking at what I put onto my skin too.

Everything was slapped on my face and body without a second thought. If it said natural, organic, or cruelty free – that was enough for me. I never questioned the ingredients.

Foundation. Eye shadow. Lip stick. Lip gloss. Mascara. Blush. Highlighter. Eye pencils. Eye liner. Night cream. Day Cream. Eye cream. Eye lash tint. Eye brow tint. All of my products were punched into EWGs Skin Deep Database and the results were not good AT ALL. And I have been wearing make up since I was 12! Ewwww.

I am close to finishing up most of the makeup I own and will start looking at more natural alternatives. The only downside to finishing my makeup, is figuring out what parts of the packaging can and can't be reused or recycled.

So that is where I am at in this less-plastic-less-waste-sustainable-living journey. This ginger is detoxifying her beauty bag BIG TIME.

My new mantra is: The only ingredients I will put on my body will be ones that I can put into my body. Simple. Kind. Reduced packaging. Less waste.

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