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5% of author profits are being donated to Waste Aid Australia. Waste Aid works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island (ATSI) communities to create long-term sustainable solutions to address inadequate waste management in disadvantaged communities and in so doing reduce the adverse environmental health impacts.

Zero Waste Books

Waste Not - Make a big difference by throwing away less

"Waste Not is a much-needed guidebook for those seeking tangible direction to live a better life. We all know deep down we must change our ways, and fast. Erin shows us how in the most truly responsible way possible - by walking her talk out in front of the movement. I've followed Erin's campaigns and successes for a number of years, and she is a true agent of change" - SARAH WILSON, New York Times best-selling author 

We need to talk about waste. Shrink-wrapped veggies, disposable coffee cups, clothes and electronics designed to be upgraded every year: we are surrounded by stuff that we often use once and then throw away. Each year Australian households produce enough rubbish to fill a three-bedroom home, including thousands of dollars worth of food and an ever-increasing amount of plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down and often ends up in our oceans or our food chain.

But what to do about such a huge problem? Is it just the price we pay for the conveniences of modern life? What if I told you it's possible to have it both ways – to live a modern life with less waste!

Divided into three easy to read parts Waste Not will provide you the answers to confidently make the changes that can help fight climate change, minimise pollution, conserve resources while building a resilient future based on kindness and respect.

- Switch out the disposable plastics from your shopping trolley
- Make simple cleaning solutions free from harmful chemicals
- Find your favourite beauty products without all the packaging
- Give a baby shower present that won't end up in the charity shop bag
- Plan your own zero-waste wedding (and what `zero waste' even means!)

Zero Waste Books

Part One: Tools
This part is all about getting started. The first chapter takes you through why it’s so important that we cut down our waste, and breaks down all the lingo around ‘zero waste’. Then in the next chapter, we’ll look at the small steps you can take to begin making a difference. This is where I’ll introduce you to my Waste Not framework and show you how important it is to start with a good mindset, because all the waste in the world is not your fault.

Part Two: Tips
Now it’s time to put those tools into action in different areas of your life and home. These chapters are full of hints from my own life, tips from other zero-waste experts, and easy DIYs. And, at the end of each chapter, you’ll find my top tips to take away. Most of these tips aren’t radical – it’s just a matter of us relearning them.

Part Three: Tricks
This is where we take things to a new level. Zero waste can present some challenges when you’re out and about, so we’ll look at how you can keep up your new-found habits when you’re on holidays, at the park or in the office. Then we’ll discuss how you (yes, you) can engage in activism and help spread the Waste Not message.

We finish up with my directory of the products and services that have helped me in transitioning to zero waste, as well as resources that have inspired my journey. I hope they can now help and inspire you!

Erin's blog has been a go-to resource for me ever since I started my own zero waste journey. Waste Not combines her wealth of knowledge into an essential, practical guide for anyone looking to reduce their wasteful habits without feeling overwhelmed, offering an alternative to the often "perfect" world of zero waste. Want to break up with single-use plastic? Start with Waste Not. Kate Arnell - EcoBoost

So many people write to me asking how they can go zero waste. They see where I am, and to many of them, it just seems daunting. It seems people are stuck on where to start. Well, I can tell you from experience, the journey to zero waste starts with a single step. When I started in 2011, I hadn't heard the term zero waste yet and the resources weren't nearly as abundant as they are today. I had to gather my information from all over the place. The good news for anyone starting their journey today is that there are now abundant, dedicated resources to helping you with going zero waste. One that I have in my hands right now is a book titled "WASTE NOT: make a big difference by throwing away less" by Erin Rhoads.' After reading through this book, I am so grateful for its existence and the foundational work that was laid by Erin to create it. This book contains everything someone would need to start drastically reducing their waste. The book starts with the philosophy and the why and Erin's relatable and compelling story. It then moves on to the how, starting with the foundation and the mindset needed, and then moves onto the nitty gritty. This is all the little details that anyone would wonder, or get stuck on, when it comes to disposing of our wasteful ways and transitioning into a fresh, sustainable, and healthy way of being. It covers everything from grocery shopping and eating out, to cleaning and decluttering your home, to clothing and body care, to raising children and pets, and the list goes on. I give it an A+ for being nonjudgmental, meeting people where they are at, and staying positive on a topic that could be all doom and gloom. This book really does have it all, including my high recommendation to anyone who's looking to reduce their waste and live a happier and healthier life, whether you've already been on the journey for years, or haven't taken you're first step yet. Rob Greenfield, Dude Making a Difference

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Zero Waste Books

Waste Not Everyday

365 ways to reduce, reuse and reconnect

Would you like to throw away less? Do something for the planet? But not ready to dive straight into composting or go totally plastic-free yet? Waste Not Everyday is your step-by-step guide with 365 easy changes that will not only influence what you throw out but also have a genuine impact on the future of our planet.

Split into four easy-to-follow parts, Waste Not Everyday features simple tips that will lead to a real shift in thinking and action and show you that a zero-waste lifestyle is actually achievable – for everyone, every budget and every schedule. With tips ranging from actions and inspiration to recipes and resources, Erin Rhoads, well-known zero-waste advocate and author of Waste Not, takes you on a gentle journey towards a life with less waste and more meaning.

Zero Waste Books
Zero Waste Books
Zero Waste Books

Edited, produced and printed using low-waste principles on sustainably sourced paper with soy inks​.