Hello! It's great you'd like to connect. Before sending an email with your query please read through the frequently asked questions below. My email is hello(@)therogueginger(dot).com

Can we book you to talk about zero-waste and reducing plastic?

I love talking about zero-waste and reducing plastic, haven given over 300 presentations on the topic around Australia from adults through to school kids. I'm also an experienced MC, panellist, moderator and media commentator.

Please check my events page for upcoming talks and view previous clients. If you've noticed I'm already booked on the date you wanted, I'd be happy to recommend other fantastic speakers.

We'd love to stock your zero-waste guide book Waste Not: Make a big difference by throwing away less

That's great to hear! Here are the people that will make it happen:

AUS/NZ: Alice Hardie-Grant
UK: Clare Morrison
US: Jess Williams

Will you promote my zero-waste product or services?

It's fantastic to see more and more zero-waste products and services come about. I LOVE to support these initiatives. However, I prefer to only share products and services that I actually need and would use myself, are local to Australia and the business can provide transparency from manufacturing through to end of life. has 51,000 unique monthly visits, 144,000 monthly page views and a combined social media community of over 30K. If you are interested in working together please feel free to get in contact.

Bear in mind, I have been living and writing about going zero waste for six years so many of the products I'm offered will be declined because I have no need for them.

Do you offer contributing writers on your website?

No, I don't accept contributing writers.

I have a question about recycling...

...and I'm guessing you are wanting to recycle something tricky. Like a mattress? Or a mobile phone? old makeup packaging? Visit (AUS), (NZ), (USA) (UK). Don't forget to read your local council's website or the waste management service for your city/town to check what local services could be available too.

Will you help my business/school reduce waste?

I'm no longer doing private consultations. Please visit if you are based in Victoria. I have contacts in other states and countries should you be based elsewhere.

We are an environmental action group looking for campaign advice, can you help?

Yes! Scroll up and send that email :)
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