Hello! It's great you'd like to connect. Before sending an email with your query please read through the frequently asked questions below. 

Can we book you to talk about zero-waste and reducing plastic?

I love talking about reducing waste and plastic. I have given over 400 presentations on the topic around Australia for adults and school kids.

I'm also an experienced MC, panellist, moderator, media commentator, brand ambassador and spokesperson. 

Please check my events page for upcoming talks and to view previous business, councils and community groups I have run talks and workshops with. 

If I'm already booked on the date you wanted I'd be happy to recommend other fantastic speakers.

We'd love to stock your books, Waste Not and Waste Not Everyday

Please visit Hardie Grant's contact page here.

Will you promote my zero-waste, plastic-free, sustainable, eco product or service?

It's great to see more and more zero-waste products and services come about. I LOVE to support these initiatives. However, I prefer to only share products and services that I actually need and would use myself, are local to Australia or New Zealand and the business can provide transparency from resource extraction to manufacturing through to end of life. I will send you alot of questions if the information is not on your website. 

I have been living and writing about going zero waste for eight years so many of the products I'm offered will be declined simply because I have no need for them. To get an idea of all the product or service collaborations I have shared with brands use the hashtag #trgcollab on instagram or in the search bar on this website. Hint, it's not many! 

I don't offer affiliate links on my website or social media for products or services. Thanks for understanding.

Do you offer contributing writers on your website?

I don't accept contributing writers at the moment.

I have a question about recycling...

...and I'm guessing you are wanting to recycle something tricky. Like a mattress? Or a mobile phone? old makeup packaging? Visit (AUS), (NZ), (USA) (UK). Don't forget to read your local council's website or the waste management service for your city/town to check what local services could be available too.

Will you help my business/school reduce waste?

Please visit if you are based in Victoria. I have contacts in other states and countries should you be based elsewhere.

We are an environmental action group or individual looking for campaign advice, can you help?

Yes, send the email :)

You made it! Here is the best way to connect with me:  hello(a t)therogueginger(d o t)com.

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