Meet Erin

Erin Rhoads is the person behind The Rogue Ginger, one of Australia's popular zero-waste blogs. Erin has been writing about her plastic free and zero waste journey since 2013. Through her pursuit to live plastic free and zero waste, Erin learnt to eat real food, discovered new skills, cut down her exposure to harmful chemicals, found joy in moments over things and simplified her life, while saving money.

A sought-after speaker and community activist, Erin is on a mission to engage with individuals, business and government to redefine what is waste and how we can create less of it.

Erin has authored two best-selling books Waste Not: Make a big difference by throwing away less  (2018) and Waste Not Everyday (2019) with 5% of author profits from book sales donated to Waste Aid Australia annually.

She was a consultant on the award winning TV show War On Waste; has shared her zero-waste life with thousands at workshops, talks, and forums around Australia; organise and assist successful environmental groups and campaigns with meaningful impact:
  • Plastic Bag Free Victoria, co-foudned and co-lead the grassroots advocacy campaign that organised and submitted the largest petition to the Victorian parliament in over a decade bringing a state wide ban on plastic bags in Nov 2019.
  • Zero Waste Victoria, founded a community based education and advocacy group based in Victoria.
  • Zero Waste Festival, co-founded and co-lead Australia's first festival dedicated to building a zero waste and regenerative future, featuring workshops, panels, talks and stalls. 
  • Cash for Containers Victoria

Erin helps coordinate the zero waste initiative Party Kit Network Australia and is a member of her local City Council Portfolio Advisory Committee for the Environment. In 2020 Erin became Queen Victoria Market's first Sustainability Ambassador. 

Featured by BBC World, The Project, Sunrise, Today, The Morning Show, The Age, The Guardian, Sunday Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, Women's Weekly, Huffington Post, National Geographic, and is a fortnightly sustainability contributor on ABC Radio. 

She lives in Naarm (Melbourne) with her zero waste family. 

To send a message or ask a question visit Erin's contact page.
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