Download this: the BULK app

5 June 2014
I am a wholehearted lover of sharing of good information. It makes me very happy to share tips and tricks that will make life easier for the plastic free and waste free people of the world. And anyone else really.

Plastic Free July is coming up next month so it was perfect timing to pass this resource onto the new wave of plastic free challengers. I only wish I had this same tool when I started my Plastic Free July challenge last year.

My initial challenge was food as a majority of the goods I used to buy were wrapped and folded in plastic. I practically became a vegan until I discovered bulk food buying. Beans, legumes, pasta, nuts and grains…I was overjoyed to find a store that allowed me to shop with my own container. The only downside was locating these bulk stores.

Bea from Zero Waste Home came to the rescue and created an app that allows users to locate a bulk store. I downloaded the app today after Bea left a comment on my Instagram account. Two new stores for local Melburnians to shop package free has been added thanks to this ginger.

Bulk store locator

The app is efficient and easy to use. I can label what the store offers like cleaning products, grains, oils, sauces, pet food, wine, beer…pretty much everything you would find in a normal supermarket but in bulk for your consumption. Once I add the information with address and store name, the information is added to a map so I can easily see where the stores are located and any others close by. I also have the ability to identify if the store allows shoppers to bring their own containers. I can search by what item I am after too.

I recommend downloading this app. It is not only free but very VERY useful.
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