Starter kits for plastic free and zero waste living

Life on the blog has been little quite. Behind the scenes is the opposite.

I receive messages daily mostly from people asking how to get started with plastic free living or going zero waste, specifically is there somewhere they can purchase a kit of sorts with reusables to make reducing plastic and waste on the go easier. I am more than happy to answer any questions as I was in a similar place not so long ago. 

After almost two years living plastic free I have found there are a few items that help to make the transition easier. Items that can be reused and ultimately will become a feature of a plastic free or zero waste life long term. Some might already exist in your kitchen or at the Op Shop. 

So while blog post updates have been slow I have been working on a project called Starter Kits for Plastic Free & Zero Waste Living.

I'm planning to bring together all of the tools I found helpful and provide them as kit to purchase on the blog.

I am working with my sister to put together starter kits for those wanting to go plastic free and/or zero waste. The kits will contain items I wish I had from the beginning; cloth produce bags, cutlery wrap (knife, fork, spoon, chop sticks and a straw), a reusable cup that isn't glass and a reusable takeaway container.

The Starter Kits for Plastic Free & Zero Waste Living will be available by the end June (hopefully!) and only available in Australia. This will be a limited product to buy.

Since access to new reusables can be expensive for some I will also be donating a kit for each one sold to a local youth organisation to pass onto those unable to afford new reusable tools like these.