Helpful Plastic Free Living Essential Tools

Thank you for the feedback on the Plastic Free kits. We probably won't have all of them finished this Plastic Free July. But that's OK because you can do a plastic free challenge any time, right! With the kits not ready to go I decided to compile a list of similar items I deem helpful tools for Plastic Free July and plastic free living in general. But first a friendly reminder:

Before buying the tools to help reduce plastic please look in your house, relatives homes, the local Op shop (thrift store), Gumtree or Ebay for reusables that already exist. Choosing secondhand reusables is the most sustainable option over buying brand new.

Want to see my what I used at the start of my plastic free journey?
Helpful Plastic Free Living Essential Tools

I didn't rush out to buy anything new. A simple peek in my cupboards presented me with plastic free solutions. Though I did need to buy a few extra reusable shopping bags.

But I understand this is not the case for everyone so here is a list of what I think to be...

Helpful Plastic Free Living Essential Tools

Helpful Plastic Free Living Essential Tools

1. Stainless Steel Lunchbox 1L - Double Stack
2. Steel & Silicone Straws (4pk)
3. Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 3
4. Beeswax Assorted Wraps (3pk)
5. Stainless Steel Bottle
6. Bamboo Cutlery Set
7. Stainless steel cup set of 4

The above are suggestions only. Before clicking the 'add to cart' button sit, for a minute and think if you can live without or use what you have first. If you consider any of the above will help make the commitment to reducing plastic stronger and easier then go for it. I'm cheering for you either way.

Some of these reusables are handy but unfortunately not affordable to everyone. If you have spare coin consider putting together a kit for someone in need within the community. A kind and simple way to pay it forward. 

Check where you buy! Prior to buying brand new products get to know the store, find out how much they know about the products, how they are made, do they support businesses with ethical business models, are brands paying workers proper living wages. This is why Biome, Flora and Fauna, and Spiral Garden are my first recommendations to Aussies looking for online stores specialising in plastic free and zero waste tools. If a company has unethical practices then it's not truly sustainable. 

Other helpful plastic free living essential tools are choosing secondhand clothes, furniture, kitchen gadgets, toys too. Repairing is an act of reducing new plastic too. 

Remember going plastic free is also about slowing down, questioning and retraining the mind to say no to new plastics. In some instances we might need to use some plastic, like medicine or providing clean drinking water where none is available.  I don't hate plastic only it's misuse

Our world is drowning in plastic because of the misuse and warped capitalist system of buy, make, throw away at the expense of planet and people. Many solutions are going to be much bigger than a plastic free kit (like if we want to ban plastic water bottles then we need to make sure everyone has access to clean water) BUT that's not to say personal changes are not important. They are. Often it's the personal changes that give us the confidence to tackle the bigger ones. 

If you are new to Plastic Free July or plastic-free living I hope this post is a helpful step to building a plastic free living starter kit of your own.

Australian readers can find shops, cafes and restaurants encouraging a plastic-free life at Trashless Takeaway, Responsible Cafes, Sustainable Table and I have a guide to shopping plastic-free and zero-waste in Melbourne. Check out your local zero waste community on facebook too. 

Btw, I'm testing out the word tool instead of product. Product sounds consumerist (it's definition isn't though!) while tool has a helpful connotation. Thinking about the role of language in habit change at the moment. If you have any good resources on this subject let me know via email. 

All the best for your plastic free challenge!