Things might not ever change in my lifetime

Last week, my plastic free and zero waste life, was exposed to a wide audience. My freckled face was appearing on national TV, my voice heard on radio here plus around the world, and my words were appearing in various publications.

The opportunity, while unexpected, was humbling, daunting and exciting. I connected with so many wonderful people.

I was feeling really good. Great, in fact. That was, until I realised, there's a huge chance things won't ever change for years, decades...or even in my lifetime.

I might not ever see plastic packaged food and plastic water bottles vanish from shelves. I might not ever see landfill contribution decrease.

It took me a couple days to let this settle over me.

Things might not ever change in my lifetime, and I am okay with that. But I won't stop doing this.

Every interview ended with the same question, "is this for the rest of your life?"

Yes, it is.

This is how I want to live my life, regardless if others follow along, regardless of mass change.

I will continue to share; continue to write and talk. When you find something that makes you happy, it's hard to stop. And I love living plastic free and zero waste. I am happy to  keep doing what I can, with what I have got. It might not be perfect and that's ok. The thing is we don't need everyone doing this zero-waste life perfectly. Reality is we need a bunch of us doing it imperfectly.

Whatever happens, thank you for all the plastic free and zero-waste support :)