How to make your own Magnesium Body Oil

11 December 2016

Magnesium oil is something I had never EVER heard of. That was until I started experiencing morning sickness three weeks into my pregnancy.

I was lying in bed crying, the Builder busy reading out morning sickness remedies that might help. Lemon in water, peanut butter, peppermint, apple cider vinegar, ginger, icy water, crackers, acupuncture, high fat foods, vegemite, milk, magnesium oil…

Each one was tested and none of them did much but tie me over for a short half hour. And ginger tea/beer/lollies/grated/pickled did nothing.

Magnesium oil helped. While it has never removed the full effects of morning sickness, it has helped reduce the nausea significantly and alleviated the dazed cloudy feeling, offering me some respite.

Before I began slathering it onto my body, I researched. With our skin being the largest body organ, I wanted to make sure it was safe. Anything that goes onto our skin, goes into our bodies. It’s technically not oil, however it does feel oily before it dries on the skin. I came upon articles, blog posts and many forums where women discussed their success with magnesium oil during pregnancy. There did not appear to be any negative side effects. Aside from a mild tingling during the first few applications.

How does it work to help with morning sickness? Magnesium basically helps regulate the hormones that supposedly cause the morning sickness, while balancing the levels of cortisol that peak and trough. It’s one of the reasons why eating endless carbs during pregnancy helps, as they stop you from reaching the low sugar trough. It’s when the low is hit that the nausea intensifies.

During my research, I found some people claimed it worked well as a deodorant. I am trialling it now and will report back in the new year.

Magnesium oil is made of Magnesium chloride flakes, I bought from The Source Bulk Foods and this oil can easily be made at home.

1/4 cup Magnesium chloride flakes
1/4 cup purified water

Put both into a pot and warm gently. As the flakes disappear, let cool and transfer to a glass bottle. Rub onto the body morning and night. For the first two weeks, I used 1/8 cup Magnesium chloride flakes to 1/4 cup purified water, then upped to 1/4 cup.

Apart from easing my morning sickness, it also helped me achieve a more sound sleep and reduced cramping in my legs at night. Two other side effects of pregnancy for some women. I can tell instantly when I have not applied it to my body.

Just a note /
there is morning sickness medication. My doctor reassured me that if I needed it, I would be able to have it. I have been able to manage my morning sickness. Morning sickness varies from woman to woman. It is a side effect of pregnancy that should not be treated lightly. Be aware that severe morning sickness is serious, and in some cases, confused with Hyperemesis Gravidarus. No woman is weak or has failed, for wanting or needing to take medication in any form to treat morning sickness (I’d love to know who invented the term morning sickness!). Nor has anyone failed at living a plastic free or zero waste life for taking ANY medication or making choices that will help create a more comfortable pregnancy. Do what is right for you :) I’m only sharing this as it helped me. Be gentle and always do things your way.
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