Reuse your old shower cap

Reuse your old shower cap
Reuse your old shower cap

Hello! Happy New Year plastic free crusaders. I am excited to start this year with a fun idea on how to recycle shower caps.

This is an idea I discovered while I was packing for our road trip to Jervis Bay over the holiday season.

I have been wearing a shower-cap since I was a little girl. They are usually of the cheap pharmacy or supermarket variety. And after a while the elastic keeping the plastic on my head looses its shape. I couldn't find somewhere to recycle mine so I figured they would make great use holding my shoes in a suitcase or backpack when I travel. Usually I would use plastic bags to stop my shoes rubbing dirt onto my clothes.

Reuse your old shower cap
Now I need to find a plastic free shower-cap...

Happy reusing,

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    I bought this one and have been very happy with it. The elastic is very sturdy, but should it ever stretch, I'm sure I could use rudimentary sewing skills to tighten or replace it. There were several other Etsy shops with caps made of other materials as well.

    1. Thank you for the link - i love the look of them and they are pvc free (horrah!). Erin x