End of summer

27 February 2013
This last weekend of summer was a hot one and I made the most of it. Though I can feel in my bones that this warm weather will not disparate when February shifts to March. The weather does not adhere to the peoples calendar.

I woke up on Saturday to blue skies and suggested to my other half (lets call him 'the Builder') that we make a trip to the beach. We headed to Edithvale, a southern beach side suburb of Melbourne. We soaked up the sunshine, consumed fish and chips, and laughed a lot.

Later that afternoon I washed the salt and sand off and met up with friends for the White Night festival. One thing I have noticed about Melbourne is that this city likes a festival. Something is constantly celebrated. And this was no different. A night long extravaganza that saw 300,000 people turn out and crammed the city streets enjoying a range of activities with a focus on art, music, film, and light. And best part? Everything was freeee! This was the first White Night Australia has hosted. Let's hope they do it again.

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