G-Star RAW turn ocean plastic into denim

This time last year, a story about jeans being fashioned out of recycled plastic would not have excited me as it does today.

I would have glazed over the information feeling warm inside that the clothing was recycled and I would have moved on. Now I read the stories of innovation in the name of saving our environment and you will find me fist pumping the air. You see, I become REALLY excited knowing there are people finding ways to deal with plastics afterlife. I mentioned it here. These people rock my world and when I read about this neat idea, I had to share it.

Let me introduce you to The Vortex Project. This is a joint venture between Bionic Yarn, Parley for the Oceans and Sea Shepard.

The aim is to gather as much of the plastic that is in our oceans and littering our shorelines as possible and turn this into a product that we use everyday; jeans.

It is a simple and meaningful project. Here is how it works:

Plastic is collected by Sea Shepard from heavily polluted areas of our oceans. These plastics will then be given to Bionic Yarn to be integrated into fabric to be used to make jeans and fashion for G-Star Raw. The first collection Raw for the Oceans will feature eco-jeans made from Bionic Yarn fabric. Look out for it in stores and online beginning in August 2014.

Image from Raw for the Oceans
"Plastic is choking our oceans and precious marine wildlife at an unprecedented rate. Straws, single-use bags, six-pack rings, drink lids and more are ensnaring marine animals or blocking their digestive systems, killing these magnificent creatures. It’s time humanity takes responsibility for our actions and cleans up the mess we’ve made. We hope this is the first of many meaningful collaborations to come.”
I completely agree Captain Paul Watson.

First and foremost I support buying second hand clothes. When I cannot find that second hand item I turn to garments that have been made under sustainable and ethical conditions. New clothing will always be made. Recycling plastic and turning into an item that most people have in their closet shows the never ending creativity capacity we have as humans to turn waste into a functioning object of use.

Can you see yourself wearing jeans made out of recycled plastic fibers?

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