Sustainable Valentine's day ideas

Sustainable Valentine's day ideas
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Valentines is tomorrow. I had penned a post about sustainable gifts to give loved ones. But something did not feel right. It felt limited. If anything the world needs less stuff and more love. 

On Valentines day, I make an effort to smile bigger smiles, give random people a compliment, organise a dinner with friends, and make phone calls to loved ones.

Here is my list of sustainable ways to show love on the 14th February, and beyond.

♥ Help an elderly person like your grandparents or neighbour with the grocery shopping 
 Grab a friend and pick up rubbish in your neighbourhood 
 Cook a meal for a friend that has been a bit stressed or busy lately 
 Go through your contacts and pick three people you have not spoken to in a while. Send them a message, email or call them to say hello 
 Write a love letter to yourself listing your achievements in your life so far 
 Volunteer your time at a shelter 
 Walk a busy friend's dog 
 Get a massage 
 Host a clothes swap party 
 Give a random person a compliment 
 If there is a home on your street with a beautiful garden that makes you happy, drop a note in their mailbox telling them how much you appreciate their garden 
 Adopt an animal 
 Donate to your favorite charity 
 Volunteer at your local hospital, school or library for story time 
 Plant a tree 
 Support that friend/partner/parent/sibling and go with them to that free dance class they have wanted to try 
 Smile at everyone you see

You can even do some of these with your loved one. Throw out your net of love wide this year. 

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