Free wallpaper download - Garbage does not exist in nature

This quote is from an inspiring talk given by Tom Szaky CEO of TerraCycle.

If you feel equally inspired, right click and save the wallpaper to your desktop for use as a wallpaper or print it out for your home. Trying to live waste free can be tough and I find reminders handy.


  1. While I love the idea behind this wallpaper, that in natural cycles everything is reused/recycled in some way, this is something that is relative. When we say that garbage does not exist in nature, we are separating nature from culture; we are saying that seeing garbage in an area deemed to be nature is something that should not happen, because they are supposed to be separate. The thing is, both are intertwined and one could go so far as to say they are the same; without nature, culture could not exist. There will always be overlaps and so garbage does exist in nature. Man-made products, particularly in the form of plastics, are designed not to break down and therefore are found everywhere in the world, no matter how “natural” that space is. Because of this, this truly is garbage, as it breaks down very slowly, releasing toxins as this happens, contaminating soil, oceans, etc. Plastic is everywhere, no matter how hard we try to avoid it; so garbage is very much a part of nature, because we are natural creatures, we created it and now there is no way to get away from it.

    1. That is a very interesting angle to look at the quote from Obibini. Perhaps we are better off redefining what waste is, rather than relying on the traditional view of how nature deals with waste. Your comment has given me much to think about.

    2. I should add that nature is a social construct; it only exists because humans believe it exists ...much like the economy that created the garbage in the first place ;)


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