I am going to China!

16 April 2014
Image from tumblr.com

The builder and I are having a holiday China. I am excited for our first trip overseas together. Plus I get to revisit one of my favorite cities, Hong Kong. We will be spending most of our time in Yangshauo.

This is the first trip I have actively sought out eco minded accommodation. Our first choice was an eco hotel that was unfortunately booked out. I suggested camping in Yangshauo, but that was met with a weary look from the builder. Hopefully something comes up to suit our lifestyle. I am super excited to be exploring this pocket of mainland China with my best friend.

It will be interesting to attempt another plastic free and waste free holiday. I learnt valuable lessons, from my trip to Myanmar that I can apply on this trip.

It does feel a like a contradiction to announce I am going travelling on my eco minded blog. Travelling is a heavy polluting exercise. I don’t know if I will ever be able to say no to travel, especially when half of my family live overseas. So being vigilant about my waste and avoiding all plastic, just like I do at home, when travelling is a must for me. Perhaps I should donate a weekend to Landcare and plant trees to offset my emissions?
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