Putting value on everything; big, small, second hand and my new hair elastics

31 March 2014

I lost my LAST hair elastic and needed to buy some more. That is the family of new hair ties in the photo above and yes each one is worth its weight in gold. Let me explain why.

I have loooog hair and it is thick and there is alot of it. This combination has resulted in multiple hair elastics snapping, being lost and really no second thought about where they end up over the years. Frankly the resources that have gone into making them where never a thought until the beginning of this year. They are a dime a dozen at any supermarket or pharmacy; why would I need to ever treat them with care?

The hair elastic I lost was found after being inspired by Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home who wrote about finding hair elastics everywhere prompting the thought that you really don't need t buy new ones. Two days after reading Bea's post I was lucky to find two hair elastics, one for my thick hair and the other was used to tie my hair when i keep it in a plait. The larger one was not ideal for my thickness of hair. While it held my hair up for most of the day I would find myself readjusting and redoing the many buns I wear throughout the week. Then I lost the hair tie last week. I wore my hair down for many days until I bit the bullet and bought a pack of brand spankin' new hair ties designed specifically for thick hair. I had simply not found any more hair ties on the streets or...well anywhere. And the other little guy that i was using for my plates had become stretched out when I tested to see if it would hold my mass of hair in a bun (I like putting my hair in a bun).

I was especially excited when I bought the new hair ties and explained why to a friend of mine. She laughed with me at my over zealous love for these 20 new hair ties I purchased. I told her they were like gold and I would hopefully have them forever stating my intention to value my stuff rather than fall to convenience which usually results in waste.

Bea's post also made me open my eyes a bit wider. Sometimes what you need is sitting on someones curb side or on a street, or even a friends house being unused. There is so much around us that can be reused, given a second life. We recently needed some extra space for my clothes in the room I share with the builder. With the wardrobe not big enough for two we eventually found a disused bookshelf on someones curb side. Ask around your friends or ask the universe for what you need. I have this new found magic belief that what you need will show up. I didn't find any more hair elastics but when I do they will be treated as important as the new ones i just bought.
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