Celebrate Global Sharing Day with The Clothing Exchange

One of the perks of visiting my sister is that I always walk away with clothes she no longer wants. It is an environmentally smart move as it reduces fashion waste and gives my wardrobe an update for next to nothing. It is a win for everyone, including the planet.

I have written before about my love for clothes swapping with The Clothing Exchange. Did you know The Clothing Exchange has moved online as well? This is awesome for people who do not live in cities where the hosting usually takes place. As someone who grew up in the country I understand the torment of missing out on city based events. But that was before high speed internet.

So when the Clothing Exchange got in touch with me about Global Sharing Day I knew I had to talk about it here.

Global Sharing Day is about creating awareness for the sharing community. Run by The People Who Share, this UK based group want to make sharing fun, easy and accessible whether it is online or on land. June 1 is Global Sharing Day.

As part of Global Sharing Day, The Clothing exchange has generous prizes to encourage sharing.

From 1 – 5 June (starting this weekend) listing items on The Clothing Exchange will be free. A prize of 20 buttons will be awarded to the swapper who lists that most items over this period. Buttons are credits that swappers can use to purchase items from the online.

I have picked four items below that I would buy with my 20 buttons. Check them out.

The Clothing Exchange
1. Blazer  |  2. Top  |  3. Skirt  |  4. Shoes

Additional prizes will be awarded for the most attractive garment listing and the first ten people to register on Global Sharing Day. Want to know more about the promotion? Click here!

If you are a fan of the odd hashtag here and there, then you could win a button! Use #swaptoshop to share The Clothing Exchange on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you will earn one virtual button to spend.

Don’t forget to share this with your eco savvy fashion friends.

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