Marine Debris Typeface

Not so long ago I wrote about Ryman Eco sustainable font that was created to use less ink.
  Now a new font project by Dion Star highlights the ongoing problem of plastic trash in our oceans by using found pieces of plastic that represent a letter of the alphabet.

Graphic Designer Dion Star’s typeface is aptly named Marine Debris Typeface.
“The found type highlights the need to design out waste and calls for design to play a more integral role in the circular economy. The twenty six letters work not only as a graphic notation of language, but also as a comment on the environmental challenge of disposable manufacturing.”
Once Dion has collected all 26 characters he will release the finished collection as a typeface.

Have you found any design or artwork inspired by plastic trash?


  1. A while ago we stumbled upon this plastic-soup inspired piece of art by a Swedish artist:

    1. Thanks for sharing that image. Its sad that this is a reality in many parts of the world.


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