Plastic Free Tuesday

Have you ever started out on a diet or committed to an assignment, but given yourself one day off to make the diet/task not too hard?

Or picked a day of the week where you give up something, like meat on Monday? Hong Kong airport was filled with advertising encouraging visitors to choose a meat less dish on Mondays. It is a great initiative to get people integrating more vegetables into their weekly diet, with ease.

Ever thought of doing that, but instead have a plastic free day?

Now you can and it’s called Plastic Free Tuesday.

Making small steps so that a major commitment is more enjoyable is a sensible choice. I am all about doing things with ease and making shifts like giving up plastic requires some ease at the start.

“On Plastic-Free Tuesday we take small steps to reduce our plastic footprint. The more the better, but all efforts contribute to a cleaner, healthier world. Of course you can also be more hardcore and choose to not use or discard any plastic at all on Plastic-Free Tuesdays.”

Their website offers tips from plastic free pioneers from around the world. They are also across the social media realms so check them out and share your advice. If you have a friend or that is interested in embarking on a plastic free life but don’t know where to start send them here.

Hopefully there will be posters in Hong Kong airport encouraging Plastic Free Tuesdays in the not too distant future.

Do you think you could give up single use plastic one day each week?


  1. Anonymous5/08/2014

    Love your ideas.....I am part way through making calico shopping bags and researching natural dyes to brighten up the bags and make them more interesting, until then I will use up the chemical variety I already have (they come in paper and a cardboard box). I am proud of myself for using less plastic bags its not hard to do, just needs forethought.

    1. Your project sounds great. Natural dyes sound interesting, what kind of vegetables or fruit would you use? I was told you can get yellow from onion which is cool.

  2. What a great idea, Erin! And congratulations on giving up plastic, I imagine that is a pretty challenging thing to do (when you really think about how much plastic is in our life). I love the idea of having a 'something' free day. I think I need a social media free day, but I'm very interested in your suggestions as well!

    1. Thank you Katherine. It has been a great journey so far and has been a challenge in some areas. But once you start it does become easy. A social media free day would be good too!


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