Before Plastic Free July

24 June 2014
I am going to share something I allegedly said before plastic free living, before zero waste, before grabbing a sustainable lifestyle with both hands. A friend reminded me of something I said over the Christmas break of 2008…

“I love being on holidays because you don’t have to recycle.”

Ha! Did I really say that six years ago?

So not only has my hair colour gone back to a more natural state (I forgot I went brunette!) but so has my thinking, which is now more naturally attuned.

If you are a little afraid to make a change like taking something familiar as single use plastic out of your life, don’t be. Taking a challenge like Plastic Free July does not mean you have to go plastic free forever or in all areas of your life. It is about giving it a go and challenging yourself, like a marathon or committing to giving up wine for a month.

If my declaration from six years ago is anything to go by it shows that even someone who was once not a full time recycler could get excited by it and even enjoy not only recycling on holidays but going plastic free.

Right now I have a friend who is going to take on the 2014 Plastic Free July challenge and I am super proud of her. And I would be just as proud if she only did the challenge for two weeks or one day. Just to give it a go is worth applauding. She is asking me all types of questions and I am glad that I can be of some help having gone through the challenge myself and now living the plastic free life full time.
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