Plastic free cloth shopping bags

20 June 2014
My mother is a talented lady. Like the rest of my family and friends she is supportive of my plastic free life. So when I told her that it would be handy to have cloth bags to collect vegetables or grains in when I shop she put together two plastic free cloth shopping bags up-cycled from my dads old work shirts (thanks Dad!).

I don't have a sewing machine and my sewing skills do not match my Mothers. She has made and tailored a lot of my clothes throughout my life. She even made my grade ten formal (prom) dress! But when my Mum broke down the process to make the cloth bags I realised that it was so easy that even a novice sewer like me could give it a go and learn a new skill. I have old clothes that would be perfect to upcycle for this project. Watch this space as I will upload a tutorial soon.

These plastic free clothing shopping bags have been a great replacement for the old plastic bags we have been reusing for the last year. Not only are the cloth bags much easier to clean but they will be easier to mend when they become worn. Plastic is not favourable for mending and easily becomes worn as I have found out. The old plastic bags have gone to recycling at Coles.

Plastic free cloth shopping bags

Plastic free cloth shopping bags
When my Mum put them into the post she did so without any plastic tape. Instead opting for old fashioned brown paper and string that I can reuse. Thanks Mum!

Part of me is in a rush to make so many changes but i think to keep my sanity its best to stick to progress and no perfection. What do you think? Best to just do the best I can with what I've got where I am
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