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22 July 2014
Over the weekend I visited a bookstore in Sydney. It was a expansive space that would make any bibliophile happy. I wove through the aisles peering at the names of titles looking for the sustainable living section.
For the size of the bookstore I hoped that there would be a plethora of green titles for me to gaze at. Instead there were five books and none of them Australian based. I usually shop at second hand book stores and understand if there are less than ten titles on a particular subject. I used to work at a second hand bookstore; I understand that genres will be greatly limited. But a book store that catered for the new with next to no books on green living left me feeling deflated.

While the internet is great, sometimes I have the same limitations as I did in the bookstore. The internet does serve as a great way to gather information and I have been inspired greatly by it. But many digital sustainable resources are not based in my part of the world and sustainable stalwarts prefer the local answers to local questions. Questions like, where to find local milk in a glass bottle or where to buy plastic free flour. The essence of sustainable is supporting local business and buying local goods that have not had to travel a long way.

When I first started on my journey I had moments when I wished a group existed in my area that I could turn to with a problem or tell someone my latest find. A year on, I still wish this existed. 

So instead of waiting I decided to start a group for people that live in Victoria that want to connect with like minded plastic free living folk.

Plastic Free Living Victoria

A community space for people that live in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Share your plastic free life here.

- News and events on plastic free living
- Shops that cater to plastic free patrons
- Restaurants that boast zero waste
- Cafes that choose no plastic
- Questions on living plastic free
- Food, beauty, & general shopping queries

Basically it is a support group for plastic free living, zero waste and sustainable living specific to an area. I ask that you join, share your knowledge, ask questions and help get a community going.
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