Upcycle your socks and keep your clothes smelling fresh

11 July 2014
Recycle your socks and keep your clothes smelling fresh

A pair of socks goes into our washing machine and only one of the pair emerges. A single mate. No other socks match up and it goes into a pile with the other lost cotton socks, unsure what to do with any of them. Does this ever happen to you? I have come up with a fun solution to recycle your socks by turning them into soap holders. This easy tip will keep your clothes smelling fresh and help save on space in your bathroom.

Since I choose to live a life void of plastic I choose to use shampoo and soap bars. I can generally buy these void of any packaging. A shampoo bar is one of the best ways to avoid not only plastic packaging but also packaging in general.

I have been using shampoo soap bars waaaay back when packaging (plastic and paper) was of no concern. I first discovered them when I was living in London, hustling between Blighty and the European continent. They were just so versatile and weighed nothing. Plus there was the added assurance the bars had no way of exploding throughout my luggage!

I recently converted the Builder to the wonderful world of package free soap. He took a container to the market and stocked up on All Australian Tea Tree from the Australian Natural Soap Company. I grabbed the Shampoo Soap. I also have a small selection of Tasmania’s Beauty and the Bees shampoo bars collected while I was visiting Hobart earlier in the year. If I find a place that sells shampoo soap bars, I will walk away with one. Let’s just say I have enough to last a year. It’s called bulk shopping for a reason because when anything of mine runs out I can’t just pop to the shops to pick up a bottle of shampoo. This lady has to be prepared!

Rather than keep these blocks of gorgeous smells sitting under the bathroom cupboard I thought our clothes draws would be a better place to store them and free up space under the bathroom sink.

Plus with them sitting in the draw they will keep my clothes smelling lovely. Rather than wrap in paper or risk them rubbing up against the clothes I decided to use old socks and repurpose them.

I simply cut the sock in half and slide the soap in.

Recycle your socks and keep your clothes smelling fresh

Recycle your socks and keep your clothes smelling fresh

Recycle your socks and keep your clothes smelling fresh

It is so simple, right? The toe end will already act as pouch. So as to not waste the other half of the sock (ankle end) sew up one of the sides, ready for another bar of soap.

When I travel I keep one sitting amongst my clothes. This is a great way to keep the suitcase or backpack smelling fresh too.
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