Welcome to my garden patch

29 July 2014

I have written about my garden but have shown. I took a couple photos before I jumped in and planted new seeds over the weekend. The space we have is small but I have not let that stop me from making something of it. Welcome to my garden patch.

When the Builder and I first started dating two years ago he had only been in the house for a short time. He had landscaping done with a range of tropical plants and there were many balmy afternoons spent watering and caring for his plants to make sure they survived the summer. 

When I moved in late last year I began adding various sized wooden wine barrel pots and started growing vegetables. In fact the first birthday present I gifted the Builder was a lemon tree because he loves lemons so much. The guy will eat them like an orange! 

With the back wall and corner getting the most sun I was limited as to how much I could fit on the deck. 

The builder decided to move two plants from the garden to add a raised garden bed. He then went on to build planter boxes coming off the retaining wall. Construction was completed two weeks ago and with blue skies this past weekend I jumped in and started planting.

I was gifted an Aloe Vera and Silver beet plant. Both have found there way in and are looking good. I also added more radish and expanded my lettuce into the planter boxes hanging off the back garden wall. 

The raised garden bed is now home to Kale, Snow Peas, Spinach and Chinese Broccoli. The pots have a variety of plants that need to be moved about or removed. I already had four snow pea plants in a pot and are producing lovely sweet morsels. The radish were harvested this weekend too and have been added to my lunches for the week. My favorite crop is my Horta mix. I keep track of what is planted and how it is going in an old note book.

While it would be great to replace the various birds of paradise and palms with vegetables, I simply can not do it. Especially when I know how much effort and time went into getting it established. I have plans to put pots in between plants and utilise as much space as the weather warms up. 

Hope you have enjoyed a peek into my garden. I will do an update in the spring as I am sure I would have put more plants in by then.
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