Green Reads: One Magic Square by Lolo Houbein

28 August 2014
Green Reads: One Magic Square by Lolo Houbein

I love calling on my friends for book recommendations and very rarely will any of their choices fall flat.

One Magic Square is one of them and has become my go to for garden inspiration. The friend who told me about this book has put together an impressive suburban garden that feeds her husband and baby daughter each season. Seeing the success of her backyard I knew this book would live up to my friends praises.

The book focuses on growing a variety of plants in one (magic) square meter – ideally great for those with a small plot of land to toil. Lolo Houbein provides ways to maintain an organic garden utilising her thirty years of expertise with her easy to understand eco tips. Following her book I have found getting a garden established easy.

The standout component of the book is the twenty plus suggested plots you can grow. Plot ideas include a soup plot, summer salad plot, stir-fry plot, pasta and anti-oxidant-rich vegetables to name a few. These ideas are illustrated so newbie gardeners like myself have a visual guide to layout the plots. This is super handy as I have learnt that some vegetables don't do too well next to other vegetables. Want to keep bugs away using natural methods? the book covers this also. And if you need recipe inspiration for your bountiful harvest, the book has that too.

If you are like Lolo and want to take back control of the food you eat then this book will help and inspire the green thumb in you.
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