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The Why I Write bloghop is a set of questions that pokes writers to share the intention of why they choose to write. This exercise was passed onto me by Katie of Rosehips and Rubarb. Katie's passion for food is evident with her appreciation of its role as a way to tell a story. Local and seasonal food is to be respected on her blog and I look forward to seeing her grow as a writer.


Right now my brain is consumed with taking my passion for plastic free, zero waste, sustainable living and finding ways to funnel it into helpful and accessible resources.

I have two ideas where I want to combine my love for writing with illustration that will result in an engaging children's book. There are some other fun ideas that I plan to create this year - one being a calendar. But that's not really writing... I do sometimes think of writing a fun and accessible how to guide about making your first plastic free year easy. I have been encouraged to try writing something for Tiny Buddha or Elephant Journal - maybe one day an article for a magazine.


My writing differs purely based on the approach that I take. I have only just realised the style and approach i want to take my writing in. My aim going forward is to weave more of my everyday life into my story and show readers that I am your regular every day girl, working in a corporate gig and just happen to totally rock a plastic free life.

My aim is to not be labeled under hippie or environmentalist. I don't want to be boxed with a name limiting myself and the readers that grace this page. Just because i live with sustainability in mind does not mean that is all there is or who I have to be.


I write what I do simply to show others that living without plastic and living waste free is easy. I want to set the example and inspire; turn the light switch on. Just because I have given up plastic does not mean I have ditched the corporate world for bare feet in the grass. While I enjoy that I still have my regular job.


My writing process is not structured as it depends on what I choose to write each week. Sometimes it calls for research or pulling on my own experiences. I do know that I write a lot of ideas and notes on scraps of paper or into my phone for later development.

I write mostly in the evening after work or over the weekend. My writing is published each Tuesday and Thursday on my blog. I have found sticking to a routine helps with the writing process.

The process is also wholly supported by my family, friends and especially my boyfriend known affectionately on this blog as the Builder. He encourages me to write and believes I have a message that needs to be shared. It helps to have a support team but at the end of the day I am my biggest support team. Having the passion to write on this subject keeps me going.


These three bloggers all make sustainability, fun and informative. Let's meet them...

Sustainability in Style
Katie has inspired me to rethink my wardrobe with her 365 day challenge where she will not buy anything choosing instead to shop her wardrobe. I have to say that since I began following Katie's daily Instagram outfit snaps I have limited my trips to the thrift stores for clothes.

Home Heart Haven
Living a simple life is ideally about living a meaningful life that is kind to yourself and others. Caz explores the importance of cultivating a nurturing space – simple and loving. She has a love for upcycling and reusing objects turning them into new treasures. I have been inspired to try her projects in my home.

The Greening of Gavin
Gavin knows green living – in fact he has made it his goal to educate others on how to make better, low impact choices through his blog. Gavin recently completed the Climate Reality Project with Al Gore. He has many how-to's on his page like cheese making so pop over to Gavin's page and say hello.

Now the big question - Why do you write? And how do you do it?


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks also for your kind words about my blog.

    1. Thank you for letting me participate in the blog hop. It was nice to write about my process and my writing.

  2. Hi Erin! Lovely post, seems we have a mutual interest in sustainability - as well as a similar last name! :) (I found your blog via Blog Chicks on FB)

    1. aww thanks! It is nice to meet like minded people. See you over at Blog Chicks :)


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