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I thought I would partake in a questionnaire passed on by writer Mandi from Dreaming Fully Awake. Let's get started....

How important is music in your life and why?
Every morning I wake up to music and will have a dance off with my man for fun. But to me it is not myworldwouldend important. I might not listen to any music for months and then have a couple weeks where I am not seen without my earphones. My necessity for music goes in waves. I think it was more a necessity when I was younger. Right now I am in a music wormhole with Patti Smith, Lana del Rey, Talking Heads, and Alabama Shakes on high rotation.

What is your fondest childhood moment?
I have boxes and bundles of fond memories from my childhood, tucked away into the memory bank. My childhood was pretty rad. I grew up in a small country town, with state and national forests on either end of the Shire. The beaches of the beautiful South Coast were not far away too. My grandparent’s sheep and cattle farm featured heavily and was the ultimate playground. There were many adventures, days of dreaming, playing, creating and laughing. It was idyllic and I am grateful for the childhood my parents worked hard to give me. I became good friends with a girl that lived next door leading to a lifelong friendship with her family that has spanned almost three decades. Our fathers put a gate in the fence, so we could get to each other, without scrambling over the fence when we were little. When we get together we often unravel a memory or two with a smile.

What are your three essential items that go everywhere with you?
Refillable water bottle. A hair tie. Money.

What is one book that you would recommend to someone else and why?
The Story of Stuff would be the book I would thrust onto anyone who was looking for a book recommendation. In fact, I wish this book was on the school syllabus across the country. It explains where everything we buy comes from and the mass effects our daily spending can have on people right around this earth. It is a wake-up call we all need.

What is one of your annoying habits?
Daydreaming. I can get lost in a thought and not emerge, which is annoying if you want to get my attention. Not having my phone on me constantly is also an annoying habit for family and friends.

Where is your get away when you want to hide from the world?
The movies. There is something so indulgent about sinking into a seat in the dark and being swept into a story with a room full of strangers. For a few moments as the credits begin to roll at the end I feel connected to everyone in the room because we had the experience together. It’s comforting.

If you could go to dinner with someone dead or alive, who would they be? And why?
My friends and family. I don’t have idols as such. There are people I like that have done great things and are famous for those actions, but on the whole my loved ones, the ones I know will make me laugh would be the ideal dinner guests.

Do you have a routine for switching off for the night, if yes, what do you do?
I have never been someone that had trouble sleeping. Once my head hits the pillow, I fall to sleep pretty quickly. If on the odd occasion I am struggling I will read a couple pages of whatever book is on my bedside table. Right now that would be Pushkin selected poetry. Valerin tea or skullcap will also help me fall asleep.

What is your favourite movie?
This is tough. I don’t think I can pick just one as it depends on my mood. Stealing Beauty is a fave... Friend Green Tomatoes, Billy Elliot, Bridget Jones Diary, Little Women, Thelma and Louise, Raging Bull, Forrest Gump, The Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables, Dr. Strangelove, My Fair Lady, Doctor Zhivago, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dances with Wolves, Annie Hall, Out of Africa, Legends of the Fall....nope, this is too hard. I could be here for days. 

However my favorite TV shows is easy - Parks and Recreation. 

Where is your dream get away place?
Right now my dream get away place is the Faroe Islands or Greenland…this list could go on.

What motivates you to write?
There is no real motivation other than I simply enjoy it.

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