DIY natural homemade plastic free deodorant

9 September 2014
DIY natural homemade plastic free deodorant
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I am going to let you in on a secret...I don't really wear deodorant. What I wear for a deodorant is a popular question I get asked when anyone discovers I don’t purchase items housed in plastic and prefer a zero waste life. The question is asked with good reason too as standard deodorant comes in plastic packaging. Read on to find out my DIY natural homemade plastic free deodorant that is also zero waste friendly and get to know your pits.

I have tried home-made deodorant using bi-carb soda as a base, tailoring with coconut oil or coco butter and essential oils to form a paste. There have been attempts of straight bi-carb on the pits and a bi-carb/tapioca mix. Sadly none of these worked for me. I found my underarms would break out in a red rash. And if I am breaking out in a rash that is my skin telling me to back off and use something else.

But let’s wind back and talk about armpits, sweat and smell. Because it took me learning about how this area worked to believe that my own deodorant recipe would be OK and not render be friendless.

Armpits are made up of sweat glands and hair. The area also generates heat and would explain why you see people fold their arms and put their hands near the armpits on colder days. The sweat glands produce sweat throughout the day. If you are exercising then you will produce more and sitting still will mean less sweat production. Many different factors can affect body odor like diet and genetics but there is one thing that we all have in common that creates a smell; bacteria. It’s completely normal so don’t freak out. But the best way to help eliminate smell is to wash really well. I wash thoroughly in the shower with soap and a wash cloth each morning. I also wash under my arms after I brush my teeth in the evenings too.

Previously when I used regular deodorant I did not pay that much attention to washing my armpits and no doubt did a lazy job. After all I had deodorant that I purchased to deal with that any smell.

DIY natural homemade plastic free deodorant
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Sweat does not smell - it is the bacteria that causes the smell. Simply by washing your armpits thoroughly you will find that using homemade deodorant successful. Even though the hair is there to help eliminate odor under the arms, most ladies (and even gentlemen) shave the hair and regular shaving does take away that layer of bacteria too. But you still need to wash with a simple  natural soap.

After I finish washing, I pat dry the area and apply my one part apple cider vinegar and one part filtered water deodorant. Yes, that’s all there. I keep it in an old spray bottle that I had. You could easily put this into a bottle and splash it on old school style. The apple cider vinegar is bought in bulk and the water…well that just some from my tap. Apple cider vinegar helps balance pH levels of skin so it is a gentle and effective number to keep on hand. Plus most bulk food stores have this item in stock.

DIY natural homemade deodorant recipe:

½ cup apple cider vinegar

½ cup filtered water (boiled water left to cool completely)

Put into bottle and shake

I then dab on my perfume which is usually a lush essential oil from Perfect Potion (my fave is Umi at the moment) and go on my merry way.

When I began using this mix I let one of my girlfriends at work know and asked her to tell me if I ever smelled off or weird. It has been five months and all is going well between the pits.

This formula has an EWG rating of 1 (hooray!). Meaning no weird chemicals are getting into my body like the usual shelf bought products.You can read here about chemicals found in most deodorants. Plus who knows what kind of chemicals leach out of plastic and into products I used to buy. Oh and it is really, really cost saving.

I would love to hear if you use homemade deodorant and tell me in the comments below what worked and what did not? If you liked my post please share and lets have some love for the pits.
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