Bupa Health Influencer nominee (aka what my blog has to do with health!)

So this happened. 

My blog has been nominated in the Social Good Category for the 2014 Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards!

What does healthy living have to do with plastic free, wasting less and sustainable living?


Absolutely everything.

My life has become healthier because I have eased back on plastic. I am no longer tempted by store bought treats because I can’t buy anything packaged. If I want to feed a sweet tooth craving I reach for a piece of fruit whose packaging I can compost as nature intended.

I support local farmers because the food has less of a distance to travel, meaning a smaller carbon footprint. This has resulted in meals that are all organic and chemical free. None of my food comes wrapped in plastic. I say no to plastic wrapped food because most plastic that food comes wrapped in will never go away and adds harmful toxins to this earth, which is where I ultimately get my food.

I would love everyone to understand and I blog for the reason to simply make people realise how silly some plastic can be. I want the next generation of Australians to not worry about pollution in our oceans or weird GMOs in our food. I don’t want another generation of young people to slather themselves in toxins for the sake of beauty. And then have the packaging build up in our landfill.

I want people to understand that recycling, while fantastic, also taxes our resources. I want the word reuse to become popular again like it was for our grandparents. I want a generation to make choices with wholeness and meaning. I want people to be aware of the actions they make and the companies they support, and understand how they affect all people all over this world. Because everyone in this world deserves to live a healthy life. Practicing sustainability is to practice generosity.

These choices make me healthier.

If the earths health suffers, everyone's health suffers.

I am not sure what happens next with the nominee thing. If I progress to the next round I will let you know. In the meantime I will keep blogging about living plastic free.


  1. Anonymous9/29/2014

    Love this! So glad I stumbled on your blog :-) Good luck with the award!

    1. Thank you so much :) I am a big fan of your blog too.


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