Cleaning the oven with bicarb soda - does it work?

24 February 2015
A couple weeks ago I found simple, safe and easy method for cleaning an oven. I shared it on my Facebook page, exclaiming that I would give it a go.

Cleaning the oven with bicarb soda - does it work?

The oven has never been cleaned since its installation in 2012. However the oven has been used many times and was very, well, gross.

I have cleaned ovens in the past with that goopy toxic stuff that can be bought from supermarkets. And I clearly remember the nose burning stench and need to leave the house when it was applied to the oven. So when i stumbled across this simple 'how to' i knew there were no more excuses - it was time to clean the oven.

The ingredients listed are bicarb soda, vinegar, water...and a dirty oven. I had all those so there really were no excuses. Even though i said no excuses above I did try to find one.

I began following the directions, mixing the bicarb with water to make a paste. I needed more bicarb than the measurements required. Alot more. Then following the steps I smothered the inside of oven (after removing the trays) with the paste. I also applied the bicarb paste to the door and grease tray - then left overnight to do it's thing.

So....the verdict? It worked. Sort of.

The inside of the oven sparkled when I removed the bicarb. The bicarb dried as the instructions said it would but it never turned brown. When I wiped the dried paste from the oven with warm water it came off easy removing all the grease and gunk with it. After all the bicarb was out I filled a bowl with warm water, added a cap full of vinegar and gave the oven a final wipe.

The oven window did not sparkle or shine and really nothing changed. The brown only became a softer hue. I tried using vinegar and that did not help either. I am tempted to try the bicarb again on the window and see if it will work better a second time. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to know.

Cleaning the oven with bicarb soda - does it work?
The grease tray was not returned to its former glory either. Most of the gunk came off but not completely. Again vinegar was used and it did not change the outcome. 
Cleaning the oven with bicarb soda - does it work?
I have had no trouble cleaning the rest of our house with simple non toxic methods and we do clean it often. The moral of the story is to clean things like the oven regularly too. Cleaning with natural products does require elbow grease in lieu of the stuff that can literally cut through grease and stains. But if done more often then less effort is required.

I would love to know how you clean your oven? Is there a better recipe that I could try? Preferably without Borax because i have never seen that in Australia.
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