Ten random questions

Sometimes I imagine the internet similar to a train station. A busy jumble of people running past one another, going in different directions. And once in awhile on your journey you meet someone that you know is a good egg.

Well Sustainability In Style is one of those. Katie has graciously tagged me to answer a handful questions and I thought why not. Break the normal plastic free schedule. I have answered a couple of similar calls here and here (in case you want to know me better). Next week I will be back with a review on two books that I believe to be a valuable investment for those that are interested in creating your own natural remedies. Now, let's get to these questions... 

1. What was the last compliment you were given and/or gave?

The last compliment I received was from work colleagues telling me I smell nice. My perfume is an essential oil blend from Perfect Potion. It’s divine! They make fantastic essential oils that I use for a range of cleaning and beauty recipes at home. A great company, Australian owned and the packaging is recyclable. It is one of the few products I buy containing virgin plastic though - the lid and stopper. If anyone knows a company that sells essential oils in reusable containers right here in Melbourne drop me an email.

And the last compliment I dished out to someone (other than my boyfriend) was to a chef at a local Greek restaurant. I enjoyed a melt in your mouth lamb and artichoke fricassee. I grabbed the waitress and told her to please tell the chef the meal was glorious. I think I even used the word scrumptious.

2. Share your happiest memory

This is a tough one – I have far too many happy memories to share. I am reading the paper as I write this and I just came across a story about Australia’s outback travel destinations and was reminded of a school camping trip.

My high school has a tradition of inviting the grade 11 class on an outback camping adventure before we embark on our HSC studies the following year. We piled into old buses and camped our way through New South Wales and South Australia finishing in the Northern Territory. We slept under stars, checked tents for snakes & scorpions, sang around campfires, danced through Kings Canyon, walked around Uluru in awe, ran down sand dunes, watched many sunrises & sunsets and listened to stories from the traditional owners of the land. It was not a fancy trip, our showers were limited and the buses broke down but it was a soul enriching and a wonderful journey. Yes, that is definitely a happy experience and grateful memory.

3. What is in your refrigerator right now?

- 1 leek
- Bacon
- 4 Salamanca burger patties
- 4 zucchini
- 2 kohlrabi’s
- 1 Lettuce
- Garlic
- Eggs
- Butter (I reuse the packaging)
- Curly Kale
- Parsley
- 2 Bok choy
- Half a jar Fig Jam (thanks mum!)
- Tomato relish (again, thanks mum!)
- Homemade strawberry jam
- Homemade preserved lemons
- Sesame seeds

….And that is pretty stock standard each week. Gees, what a party!

4. What was the worst book you ever read and what did you like the least about it?

If I don’t like a book I won’t finish reading it. Life is too short for books you don’t enjoy.

5. If you really did come across a magical lantern and a genie offered you three wishes, what would they be?

First wish - Apparition or the floo network (you know, like Harry Potter). It would save money on travel and be so much better for the environment. Free travel for all!

Second wish - To banish the need for plastic in the world (except in medicine).

Third wish - Free education for every child across the world. Girls and boys. And it would be accepted by everyone. No one would believe that a boy deserve education over a girl.

6. What have you done in the past week that makes you proud?

I am taking a leap of faith to build a business. This week I began putting down the foundations for it. It has nothing to do with the sustainability sector but it does contain sustainable business practices. I might share the venture on the blog or I might not. Either way I am proud that I decided to act on this idea and give it a go whether it fails or not.

7. Name three fabulous things that you love about where you live?

There is a bounty of public transport; buses, trains and trams, very handy for someone who does not have a car. We have a variety of parks and a beautiful river right on my doorstep. And the third fabulous thing about where I live is the never ending roses that line the streets of my suburb.

8. When was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach started to hurt and what was the source of the entertainment?

I had a good chuckle yesterday when a friend shared a link with me from Buzzfeed. It is a tad silly so I won’t share it here…

9. Do you have any heroes? Care to share who it is that inspires you?

I don’t have hero’s per say. There has never been someone that I have looked up too and thought you inspire me. I am inspired by everyday people that go to work on living with less plastic, trying to create no waste and working to inspire local action on sustainability. I remember answering this question in grade 4 and I think I answered Susie O’Neil. I don’t know why.

10. What piece of advice would you give your twelve year old self?

Don't forget to wear sunscreen and a hat.


  1. I would love to be able to Apparate as well. The Floo Network is cool because of the glitter but I don't like the soot part.

    1. I'm sure there would be some kind of spell to clean it ;)

  2. This has nothing to do with the post, but, cute outfit :) I love your hair!!

    1. All second hand clothes from my sister :)

  3. 5. Those are great wishes! I agree about apparition, that would most definitely also be my number one and for the exact same reasons! As for 2 & 3, Love Love Love your choices, as they both have amazing benefits for everyone! Question: why would you allow plastics to remain in medicine, though?

    1. I think there are so many other places in our society where plastic needs to go. Plastic as a material has made medicine more accessible and cheaper for those who rely on it. One day it would be great if there was another alternative.


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