No Plastic and Zero Waste Cheek Tint

22 May 2015
No Plastic and Zero Waste Cheek Tint, that you can use as a lip colour too. You betcha. And all you need are two ingredients.

Blushing. Something us redhead's are really good at, especially in summer. I don't wear much blush in the warmer months and if I do it's usually at night. But come winter when my freckles have gone into hibernation I like to add a rosy glow to my cheeks.

I have always preferred tints to powder blushes and this one I love especially. 

Plastic Free and Zero Waste Cheek Tint

1 Beetroot
Gin (vodka or a lemon can subsitute)

How to put it together
Peel the skin off the beetroot and grate the beetroot into a bowl. Use your hands to squeeze the grated beetroot. This will extract the beetroot juice. Pour through a strainer collecting only the juice in a new bowl. Measure out two teaspoons of the juice and put aside. Add your gin (or vodka or lemon). I usually add 1/8 teaspoon of gin to 1 teaspoon of beetroot juice. Then store in a bottle.

I store mine in an old essential oil bottle with an orifice dropper. You could use a glass roll on bottle too like I use with my homemade perfume.

No Plastic and Zero Waste Cheek Tint

To use: This depends on the type of vessel the cheek tint is stored in but it's pretty straight forward. With my bottle I tap one-two drops into my palm, then dab onto my cheeks. 

Gin and vodka are preservatives. I don't really drink vodka and rarely have it in the house, so I put gin in mine. If you can't tolerate alcohol you could use lemon juice. My cheek tint will last for three months.

How to tell if your cheek and lip tint needs replacing? The best way to tell is to check the colour. If it is still rosy pink, it's going great. If it has turned a darker colour then it is best to get a new batch going. 

And for those wondering what I do with the grated beetroot you can rest easy knowing that I store it in the freezer and use it to make yummy borscht. 

UPDATE: I have switched the gin for vodka since I have been using vodka for hair spray and testing out a mouth wash with it. I'll reserve my gin for summer drinks instead.

UPDATE: I have found a plastic free blush/lip colour by UrbApothecary for those that do not want to make their own. I have not tried it but thought I would share this as an option. 
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