Update Starter kits for plastic free and zero waste living + Podcast interview + Giveaway

Way back in March I announced my intentions to put together and sell Starter kits for plastic free and zero waste living. They are almost ready to sell.

Starter kits for plastic free and zero waste living

Starter kits for plastic free and zero waste living

Starter kits for plastic free and zero waste living

Starter kits for plastic free and zero waste living

Originally the plan was to have them ready to sell before Plastic Free July.

But....life had other plans for me as I made the decision to go overseas to visit with family. It has been a loooong time since I have enjoyed a visit to the US in the summer. My last couple of trips have been over the winter holidays. I am excited to give the Builder a taste of the South and meet my family. If anyone knows of some great bulk food stores in Little Rock please let me know. 

The kits will now be available the end of July and I will be sharing a blog post about them then. They will only be for Australian and New Zealanders. The reason for this? It will be easier to post out plastic free if I keep it local.

I have put together a list of similar items and places to buy them if you want to put together your own kits that I will share next week. 

Last week I was featured on The Greening of Gavin podcast. It is my first podcast and needless to say I was nervous. You can listen to it below:

Gavin's blog has been a staple as I have wandered along my own eco journey. He is less than an hour away so it is particularly handy to have a someone blog about gardening in the same climate as me. And when the time comes to make my own cheese I will be following his recipes. His blog is a portal of very helpful information for sustainable living. Big fan here!   

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition to win Beth Terry's Plastic Free - How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry book giveaway. I received a lot of entries that were all really hard too choose from. I have notified the winner and will ship the book to them today.

I have another giveaway! I don't usually do giveaways but because it is coming up to Plastic Free July I want to give people tools that will help them.

This time it's an eBook written by a fellow plastic free blogger Lindsay of Treading My Own Path who juts happens to be based in Australia too. To win a copy of Lindsay's eBook That's A Wrap you need only tell me your email and name in the comments below or via email. All entries will be put into a hat (written on second hand paper of course) and drawn Thursday 25 2015.

All the lovely people who entered the competition for the last book need not enter. I have saved your emails (don't worry I am not going to spam emails to you or put you onto a mailing list unknowingly) and will add your name to the draw. Let me know if you don't want to enter this comp though and I will happily remove you.

Competition closed. Thanks for entering :)


  1. I have been trying to buy her book but some reason Amazon wont take my payment so here'd my entry :)

    Sharal Ann

  2. Anonymous6/17/2015

    Here is my entry for the new competition
    Karen Allison

  3. I am enjoying your blog.
    My name is Jacqueline Galleymore and my email address is jacquelinegalleymore@gmail.com
    Good luck with the Starter Kits.
    Regards J

  4. Hello, my Name is Cynthia Heller and my e-Mail is Cynthia.heller@hotmail.com.

    Best of Wishes for the starter kits

  5. Hey Erin! I'm doing plastic free July for the first time this year, your kit would have made it super easy but I'm still keen to get one when they're ready! I've also been looking to get a copy of Lindsay's ebook but I'd love to win one - Kylie Etherton, kylie.etherton@gmail.com. Keep up the good work! x


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