Interview with Plastic Free Tuesday

Around the world people are giving up single use plastic for the month of July but for many a month long sabbatical from plastic might be a little too daunting. If that sounds familiar I would like to introduce Plastic Free Tuesday where you have one dedicated day of the week to reducing your plastic footprint.

Today on the blog I am talking with the founder of Plastic-Free Tuesday about ways we can stop feeding the plastic monster.

Interview with Plastic Free Tuesday

What inspired you to start Plastic-Free Tuesday?

Years ago I watched a TED video by plastic-free pioneer Beth Terry about her plastic-free life.

This was the first time I reflected upon the vast amounts of plastic and plastic waste in our society. A few years later, when I read yet again another news item about how plastic ends up in the intestines of birds, causing a painful and slow death I decided to, just like Beth Terry, do something about the problem of plastic consumption and pollution. I started a weblog, in Dutch, where I documented my journey towards living with less plastic. The blog still runs at After a year of blogging I lived an almost plastic-free life.

Yet, news about animals dying from plastic kept coming. It was time to get more people involved. But it had to be easy and fun and without any pressure and extremes. I strongly believe that taking one small step at a time is the best way to achieve long-lasting behavioral change. Most people like to take up a challenge, especially if it’s for a set period of time. Keeping in mind it had to be easy and fun, I came up with the idea of Plastic-Free Tuesday.

On Plastic-Free Tuesday people choose to not buy any plastic and not throw any plastic away. In my experience it is exactly this one day that is a huge eye-opener. Not buying or throwing away any plastic for a day is enough to trigger a whole new way of looking at the world.

What tools does Plastic-Free Tuesday offer someone who is looking to cut down on plastic?

On social media and on our website we offer tips and inspiration for a day without plastic. If there is anything you cannot find plastic-free, please ask and we’ll consult our network to find a
solution in your area. To help you to inspire your school, office, church, sports club, and others, we have designed campaign posters in eight languages. They are available for downloading on our website.

How can people get involved?

It’s easy to get involved! People can join us by buying less or no plastic on Tuesdays. If you need tips for how to get through the day, go to our website and sign up to get new blog posts straight into your mailbox.

We would love to see the Plastic-Free Tuesday movement grow bigger, but for this we you’re your help to spread the word. You can help us by liking or following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. Or simply tell your friends and family about Plastic-Free Tuesday.

Plastic-Free Tuesday is completely run by volunteers. Our team members are based around the world. We are always looking for enthusiastic guest bloggers. So if you are interested in sharing your day without plastic, tips, and tricks, please get in touch and share your story.

What are Plastic-Free Tuesday’s top tips to cut back on plastic?

The easiest way to reduce your plastic footprint is to always bring your own bag when you leave the house. Just put a (foldable) bag in your backpack or purse and use it whether you buy food, clothes, or stuff. Make it a habit to never accept a plastic bag. Use your hands or a box if you somehow forgot to bring your bag.

Another great one is to get a reusable water bottle. I have a pretty one from Klean Kanteen, but I came to realize that plastic-free does not have to be expensive. A cheaper alternative would be a mason jar. Or simply re-use glass bottles or jars that you buy in the supermarket for tomato sauce, juice, or jam.

Finally, I totally recommend buying or making reusable produce bags. I bought some Re-Sacks and I use them for so many things! I bring them with me when I go to the market, when I buy nuts, rice, beans, quinoa, you name it. It saves so much plastic, it’s unbelievable.

What are some of Plastic-Free Tuesday’s achievements so far?

First and foremost I think that together with others, we have created a great network of plastic-free advocates. We cannot work alone. By working together we can amplify information about the problem of plastic consumption and pollution and the solutions available. Together we can provide a fun alternative to stop the plastic waste stream.

What are Plastic-Free Tuesday’s plans for the future?

We will continue to campaign for a world with less plastic. We would love to have more offline projects. I recently joined a Dutch project called Plastic Madonna. For this project, people pick up PET bottles that they find on the street and bring it to a collection point. I am managing such a collection point in the town I live in. In the coming months I hope to run more of such small-scale, low maintenance projects to raise awareness about the plastic waste stream. Ultimately, I would like to see each day of the week plastic-free. But until that happens, we’ll continue campaigning.

Can you give up plastic for one day of the week?

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