27 July 2015
This is #mybag …. It's made of cotton and has been loyal friend for over a year.


I got it when I became a member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. It's a tote bag but I use it for so many other things besides collecting my vegetables each week at the farmers market.

I like to use it to pick up rubbish (don't worry, I wash it!), carry plants home from the nursery and use it to collect foraged food from bushland. As you can see this bag has many uses and should last me a long time.

And when holes will eventually appear I can stitch it up and continue to use it. This handy tote will come to the end of its life but that does not mean its life cycle stops there - I can use it as a rag or it will break down naturally in a compost bin over time.

The Story of Stuff is asking people to show their reusable bags and prove to the the people of California that plastic bags are not cool.

In November 2016 the people of California will face a referendum to ban plastic bags. Let's convince them to select the box on the ballot that will have them banned by showing them how great reusable bags are.

I was recently in LA and enjoyed a bike ride from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica. Along the way we passed through Marina Del Rey near the Ballona Wetlands where we were dismayed to see endless plastic bags stuck to rocks along the creek. This creek runs right into the ocean and it's only a matter of time before the plastic will end up there.

I'm not a citizen of California so I won't be voting. But I am a citizen of this world and I believe that if a state like California can get plastic bags outlawed then it could create a domino affect, inspire other communities to stand up asking for a ban in their own country.

There are towns in Australia that are fighting to have plastic bags banned too.

I was nominated by Kathryn from Going Zero Waste to show off my bag.

Now I want to see yours. Jump onto Instagram OR facebook OR your blog and take a photo with your fave reusable bag then tag it with #mybag.

Ask your friends to do the same and lets show the world that reusable bags are better than plastic.

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