My #1 tip for plastic free and zero waste living

5 August 2015
I am asked over and over what my #1 tip for plastic free and zero waste living is.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

That's it. Don't compare yourself to others.

We are all unique individuals on different paths, living different lives.

There are books, blogs, websites, forums, Facebook pages, Instagram feeds all with their own way of being plastic free and/or zero waste. Seek them out, learn from them, ask questions, but don’t compare how you do it with how someone else does it. All these outlets are great for exploring ideas but they are not measuring sticks.

And I do encourage the exploration of this lifestyle. Just remember, following someone else’s process will not guarantee that the process will work for you or even apply. Be loose and flexible, allow for mistakes. Allow for time. Months. Years.

Go at your own pace; figure out what works for you. It’s not a race. Not everyone’s rubbish has to fit into a box or a jar. If you can’t get ingredients in bulk to make your own deodorant, don’t fret.

You will find a solution for the plastic and the trash, in your own way, which works for you.

Comparing yourself to others will only hold you back and stop you from seeing what you can achieve.

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