Cutlery wrap sewing tutorial

Cutlery wrap sewing tutorial

My talented sister is sharing a step by step guide to making your own cutlery wraps.

I am selling these in my Starter Kits for Plastic Free and Zero Waste Living (sold out), and it was my sister who made these and the bag for the kits. I know there are plenty of people who are handy with a sewing machine (or a needle and thread) and would be interested in making these rather than purchasing one.

My cutlery wrap sits in my handbag, goes with us to the farmers market each Sunday, has travelled across the US and to the Phillipines.

I am in talks with my sister about selling these individually - until then, enjoy the tutorial.

The cotton poplin is vintage Ken Done and a repurposed red canvas. Thanks sis!

Cutlery wrap sewing tutorial

What you will need

Sewing machine
Ruler/tape measure

Cotton canvas
Cotton poplin
Cotton tape

Cutlery wrap sewing tutorial

STEP 1 - Draw pattern

You can make it as big or as little as you want depending on your needs. Below are the dimensions I used. 
  • 50cm x 25cm
  • 1cm seam allowance
  • Draw a notch for cotton tape insert 21-23cm up left side of pattern 
  • Fold line 11cm up

STEP 2 - Cut/Lay fabric

Iron fabric.

Cut 1 cotton canvas and 1 cotton poplin.

Cut 50cm of cotton tape.

Notch (2mm snip with scissors) appropriate markers such as seam allowance and cotton tape 
parameters on fabric.

Right sides facing each other (poplin on top).

Fold cotton tape in half.

Place the folded end of tape in between the two pieces of fabric at the notch indicated.

Pin down.

STEP 3 - Sew

Sewing machine -Stitch length 3.

Sew the three sides.

Snip the 2 corners at an angle and cut away ¾ of the cotton poplin off the three sides. This removes some bulk when turning it out.

Turn the wrap out, use the scissors and gently push the corners out to make right angles.
Iron down corners and edges.

STEP 4 - Now to enclose the wrap

Stitching will be visible from here on. So you may change the stitch length to 4 as it is more aesthetically pleasing.

At the opening, fold 1cm seam allowance inwards, pin it together and iron.

Line up the foot of sewing machine to the edge of wrap to close this opening. This will be 7mm.

Now on the other end, fold up 10cm, iron and pin.

Sew from the folded end up (follow the edge as you did previously) both sides.

Cutlery wrap sewing tutorial

STEP 5 - Onto the pockets

From the left side of the fold I make 4 cutlery pockets (3cm each) the remaining pocket is for the cloth napkin (9.5cm)

Adjust pockets to fit your cutlery needs, just sew from the folded end up 10cm.

Cutlery wrap sewing tutorial

Voila, that’s a WRAP!!!!!

To fill up your kit, look out for eateries that have wooden takeaway utensils and keep them for your wrap. If you are going to put metal cutlery into the wrap, remember to remove if you are taking the wrap onto a plane in your carry on as there is a high chance you will loose all your cutlery! A simple old hanky can work for your napkin too. If you want to buy a reuseable straw, check out Biome's range.

Feel free to leave any questions about this tutorial below, and my sister will answer. Feeling keen to make a wrap? I'd love to see it. Take a snap and send it to me or post it to your social media with the tag #bringyourowncutlery


  1. Anonymous4/06/2016

    About as complicated as my knitting needle roll-easy

    1. I had to do a search as to what that was. Looks like this kind of roll can be used in a variety of ways.

  2. Can we have it in video?

    1. Hi Emilia, that's a great idea. I will see what can be done :)


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