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14 October 2015
As a teenager I used to be obsessed with Marie Claire. I would buy it each month without fail. I even completed my work experience with their publishing house during University. So when they contacted me in July about a feature, I could not say no.

The story features myself, Lauren from TIFT and Bea of Zero Waste Home.

While it's an honour to be in a magazine (never thought this blog would lead me there!), I am much more excited that a popular magazine in Australia has covered the zero waste lifestyle. I hope it sparked conversations among girlfriends or better yet, inspired a teenage girl somewhere in Australia.

I have (poorly!) scanned a copy of my section, in case you care to read it. I would like to make one point – the Builder did not move in with me, I moved in with him.

If you pass by my Facebook page, you might have seen that I working with a passionate group of locals, to get a Plastic Bag Free Victoria campaign up and running. We need 10,000 signatures that we can then present to the State Parliament of Victoria. Alot of hard work and dedicated time will be needed to convenience people to ban plastic bags, but it's worth the fight.

NSW recently had their own campaign and presented 12,472 signatures to State Parliament. Victoria and NSW have a playful rivalry, with each state trying to best the other. I am challenging Victorians to beat the NSW count and hopefully hit 15,000 – 20,000.

We will also be looking at other ways to reduce plastic pollution too. Right now everything is in the planning stage, and I will share more on the 'how to’s of local campaigning' as I move along.

There is no website yet, but you can keep up to date with Plastc Bag Free Victoria's efforts on the facebook page

Alternatively, you can join the Plastic Free Living Victoria Facebook group

For those not on Facebook there will be events coming up to talk about the state wide campaign. 

BTW, Avocado shampoo is going well :)

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