Instagram love

Occasionally I do this silly thing where I end up on the wrong train. The builder has received phone calls from me, a little voice on the other end telling him that I got onto the wrong train and will be home a little late.

Looking up to realise I am on the line to Sunbury or Upfield is frustrating, but really I have no one else to blame but myself…and um Instagram. I usually jump onto the app on my way home, turning it on when I leave the office and start scrolling while waiting on the platform. Without looking up I will step onto a train, thinking it’s mine, when in reality my train has already come and gone.

I love social media. I love that an aspiring market gardener can post a photo of their garlic and ask other gardeners if it’s ready to be picked or not. I find it generally very helpful plus I love the connections made. I love interacting with the zero waste and plastic free community. Nothing but love, support and advice for those when they need it.

Here are some of my fave Instagram, accounts that do not have blogs. None of them are overly styled, just regular inspiring people showing that making small changes leads to big changes.

Do you have an Instagram account that does not have a blog or website, you would recommend?


  1. I looove rocket_science's account, I find it very helpful! I'm a big fan of Instagram as well but I feel like I spend way too much time on the app, so yesterday I unfollowed a bunch of accounts and I'm staying away from social media for a week, starting today. Can't hurt, right? :-)

    1. No it does not hurt at all. It's good to have a break from thing. I don't use my phone on the weekend. My phone usually lays forgotten come Friday night.


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