My local bulk food store

17 December 2015
This is my local bulk food store in Melbourne.

It's not your typical, new one. It does not have everything I need either. But it has the essentials. The space is small and smells like roasted nuts.

My local bulk food store

Not much is organic, but it's mostly Australian and very affordable. Everything sits in the bags they are delivered in. Beans, lentils, nuts, dried fruit, flours, salt, grains, popcorn, ...really just about anything dry is available. The only thing wet is peanut butter and olives.

It was the first bulk food store I discovered.

The place has been in its location for over 20 years, originally part of a big market in Moonee Ponds, of which is now a desolate parking lot (soon to be apartments). Ray's Top Nuts is one of the few survivors of the old market and is still run by the same man all that time. My boyfriends Teta and Jeddo (grandma and granddad) shopped there, then his parents and now him. I kinda like that this place and its owner, have served generations of my boyfriends family.

They never bat an eye when we first brought in our bags or jars, commenting that some of the older customers use cloth bags.

And that is my local bulk food store in Melbourne.

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