Odd habit confession

13 December 2015
I realised the other day, that a odd habit has grown from my attempts to reduce my waste.

If I am running late, not prepared my lunch for the week, can't afford to get lunch out at a cafe or takeaway in my own container (you know, the last couple days before pay day....) I will usually hastily throw some apples and oranges into my handbag for lunch.

Since we don't compost at work (yet!!), I take my scraps home. You know, the apple core and orange peels. One day I did not have a container to take my peels home...so I put them into my drink bottle. This was at lunch time too. I continued to fill it up with water during the day. Strange yes, but the water tasted nice, like orange and apple.

I took photos of my odd habit...

It made me wonder, if anyone else has any odd habits that have created while trying to reduce waste? Share below...


  1. I eat toast quite irregularly, certainly not every day. A few years ago the central element in my toaster stopped working, so it only toasts on one side. I started flipping the bread after toasting one side and then putting down for a second toasting cycle. About 6 years later, I've forgotten that this is not standard process for making toast. Doesn't everybody do that?

    Now that you've brought Bright Sparks to my attention, I might see if they can repair. It's sure to be more than the cost of a new toaster, but I love the idea of keeping the toaster out of landfill.

    1. Haha no not everyone does that just to keep something out of landfill. That is a dedicated habit.

      Bright Sparks is wonderful. Your toaster will be well looked after.

  2. That's such a great idea, Erin. I'm going to start that. I sometimes collect the bits and bobs of veg and fruit to put through the juicer. Then compost the pulp.

    I often carry a container with me and when I eat out or with friends who don't have compost, I will take it home with me to compost. Sometimes use it as my take away container for excess food and sometimes for my dog too. I have been known to use my keepcup or my cutlery bag for the same purposes too.

    I was heading to the farmers market with my friend and knew there was a great lady that serves delicious chai but only had one keepcup so I also took a mug with me.

    Not really odd habits (maybe to others who aren't as conscious about waste as us) as such but every little bit counts :)

    1. You are right, it's probably more odd to others than us :) At least for now.


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