Avocado seed shampoo update

4 February 2016
It has been over four months, since I started making, my avocado seed shampoo. For those that are new, you can read my first post plus the recipe I used to make it by clicking here.

Right off the bat, I can say that it has been great. Like, really, really great. For the first time, in I don’t know how long, my scalp never became irritated when I did not wash it. If I did not wash my hair after four days, I used to get irritation, accompanied by itching on the back of my scalp.

I always thought this was my scalps telling me that it needed to be washed. But this stopped once I started using avocado seed shampoo. I don’t know if it was because of the seed or reducing the amount of soap.

Avocado seed shampoo update

Avocado seed shampoo update

My hair feels thicker with the added bonus of becoming more manageable. I have wavy hair something akin to a lions mane when I brush it. It became less lion maneish, if that makes sense. Overall, there my hair doesn't feel as dry when I'm using the avocado seed shampoo. I do style my hair most days...usually it is in a bun though.

I even went on national TV a couple of times with hair washed in this concoction and no one knew…except you. Photo evidence below from The Project.

I've been able to use this experiment as a way to try moving away from using shampoo and conditioner. 

In between October and December, I made up three batches of the recipe, decreasing the shampoo each time. The last batch affected my hair a little different. I could start to see a result of using less shampoo, with more oil production than normal but not to the point of it looking overly greasy.

By the time January rolled around I had run out of liquid shampoo and there was an avocado shortage across the State. All other avocados were being shipped from overseas. Since I try to only buy food from my region, I figured it was a good time to try washing my hair with water only.

I expected the oiliness to increase, but it didn’t. It stayed the same, and now it is slowly moving down my hair. I brush my hair more, to help the oil move down. I did fear that it would be a matted oily mess, but it's not. 

Will I go back to using avocado seed shampoo?

Yes, I would – but at the moment, I am going to stick with water only. If I get to my wedding and my hair is looking not so great, then I will knock together another batch. I have read a couple of blog posts about people that use only water too (here and here, to name a couple). There is even an eBook called HAPPY HAIR: THE NO POO BOOK! by the fabulous Lucy AitkenRead.

I have been water only for about five weeks and so far the results are nothing to complain about. Over the weekend I applied a vinegar, egg and oil mask, massaged it in the rinsed after 30 mins. It is the only thing I have put on my hair other than water.

Part of this plastic free and zero waste journey has not just been about the waste, but also questioning what I need and don’t need. Maybe shampoo is one of them.

Update 10.01.2019: My zero-waste hair care routine, still shampoo free
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