Get over it

30 March 2016
Some of you may have seen on a recent Instagram post, about my joy of finally getting a copy of Sarah Wilson's Simpilicious from the local library. It has been on my hold list for over five months. A popular book in the north western suburbs of Melbourne for sure.

I flicked through the pages, making notes of stuff to try and reading Sarah's tidbits of wisdom. One in particular stood out to me, that I had to share, because it's good.
Get over it

In a nutshell, the quote is about eating locally and seasonally.

85% of the cookbooks I own, feature mostly recipes that call for foods from all the seasons. When I first started buying and eating with the seasons, I was frustrated because my old favourite recipes asked for vegetables or fruit available in season at various times of the year. It was hard to buy local, if I wanted to stick to the recipes 100%.

I learnt early on, that if I want to cook a recipe and don't have a vegetable because my farmers can't grow, say a tomato in winter, I will have to get over it and get creative. Use my noggin. And it's easy to do. So many vegetables and fruit can be switched out for local and in season produce.

Some culinary adventures have been a great success and others have not. It's all part of the fun, getting over things.

This mindset has filtered down into other areas of my life too.

I don't normally do random posts like this, but I just had to share Sarah's gem of wisdom. I think "getting over it" is a thing most people who go plastic free or zero waste or are making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle face along the way. At least I did...and Sarah.

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