Take a #grexy challenge with me

22 March 2016
Gexy /greksi/adj. used to describe a sexy or appealing person who is also a greenie.

What makes up more of your eco-footprint than transport and home energy use combined?


A whopping 1/3 of our personal eco-footprint is made up of the food we buy. Not to mention the way our food is packaged has a wide reaching impact too. Reducing our eco-footprint is key to limiting climate change. Since most of us eat three times a day, changing what you put on your fork and how it gets there can make a world of difference.

As a proud ambassador for Sustainable Table's Give a Fork April challenge, I’ll be sharing on Instagram and Facebook, the different ways I eat, buy my food and how much I love my Victorian farmers, as I take on one of the three 30 days to #grexy challenges:

Challenge 1 - Grexy Teaser
Cut the disposable cup, carry a drink bottle and request your drinks shaken, not strawed. This means that for the month you pledge to buy your takeaway drinks in a reusable cup and say no to bottled water and straws

Challenge 2 - Halfway to Grexy 
Make meat a treat, get your veg on and commit to meat-free weekdays for a month. Show the world that eating veg is just about as grexy as it gets. Making meat a (free range) treat also tastes way better and is great for the environment too.

Challenge 3 - Drop Dead Grexy
Learn how to eat right for the planet and your health. The ultimate 30-day crash course – a perfect intro to sustainable living. Attempt to fit all your landfill waste for the month into one container and learn how to incorporate sustainable eating and living habits into your daily life, without turning it upside-down

You can join in too. Sign up with giveafork.com.au this April and take on one of their challenges to help bring sexy back to environmentalism and I will give you a glass straw + brush. Okay, not everyone, just one person. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to win a reusable glass straw. 

This 30-day challenge is just that – a challenge. It challenges your thinking and your everyday habits. It challenges you to check-in with yourself and your life and ask yourself – am I living my life according to my values? If I love the look of beautiful clean beaches, am I minimising my plastic waste? If I adore animals and only want the best for them, am I also buying ethical meat? In saying that, this challenge is also simple. It’s not designed to turn your whole life upside down and inside out in a month. It’s designed to introduce you to sustainable eating and living habits, to give you a little taster and to help you to achieve baby steps towards a bigger, more fulfilling and long-term journey. Small, easy steps. And yes, it’s designed to increase your sex appeal, big time.

  • By the end of it, you’ll be a lean mean #grexy machine. 
  • How to reduce your food and packaging waste: eg, getting your zero waste kit together, shopping waste free, starting a compost 
  • How to eat a well for the planet, choosing ethical meat and sustainable seafood: e.g. where to find it and what labels to look out for, Seasonal eating: what’s in season when 
  • How to support local farmers and producers: e.g. where to shop, finding the best shopping solution for your lifestyle 
  • Free eBooks
Take a #grexy challenge or dine out this April and show the world that taking care of the planet is way sexier than trashing it.

Sign up to one of the challenges through giveafork.com.au to be in the running to win a Glass Dharma straw + cleaning brush. Let me know in the comments below or via email, with your name/email that you signed up for one of the challenges by April 2nd 2016. I will pick a winner at random. Winner announced Wednesday 3 April 2016. CLOSED!
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