Put Your Heart Into It: Eco Gatherings

Put Your Heart In It: Eco Gatherings

Learning, laughter, beautiful food, wine - all of these made up my Thursday evening last week, with a Put Your Heart Into It eco gathering.

I first came across Put Your Heart Into It (PYHII) via Instagram. They offer sustainable wedding planning and styling workshops, and I am trying to plan a sustainable wedding. Perfect match! After some tooing and froing, I could not attend the workshop before my wedding.

Our mission is to create sustainable and eco-conscious experiences that not only inspire but aim to promote a slower lifestyle, where simplicity and community involvement are cultivated as well as nurturing a hands-on approach to getting creative.

Luckily they host a long list of other sustainable and eco-conciousess workshops. So I did something that I had wanted to do for a while; learn to weave. If you live in or near Melbourne, check out their upcoming workshops here.

Put Your Heart In It: Eco Gatherings

Roz, a Melbourne based textile designer was our teacher on the night, assisted by co-owner of Put Your Heart Into It, Laura Issell. It was lovely to hear in person the inspiration for creating the company, the purpose of their workshops and goals for the future. Even the building, Big Bang Studio’s, where the workshop is located was a wonderful story to hear. Very cool things happening on the banks of Merri Creek.

A beautiful grazing table was laid out, most of it bought in bulk without packaging. The intention is to not only enjoy the food, but to also have conversations about where the food comes from. I appreciated that the eco choices were integrated into the evening seamlessly. We could weave, grab some food, chat, laugh, drink, weave some more…have more food. It’s safe to say we were well fed.

Put Your Heart In It: Eco Gatherings

Put Your Heart In It: Eco Gatherings

Down to the weaving – it was fun. There was no pressure to create something perfect (or anything at all). The goal was to relax and learn. After a long day at work, I found the weaving very peaceful. That might have been helped by the wine too…

My basket mid weave

Put Your Heart In It: Eco Gatherings

The finished product

Put Your Heart In It: Eco Gatherings

Put Your Heart In It: Eco Gatherings

I made my basket out of rope, along with collected yarn from second hand stores found by our teacher. It was lovely to work with natural fibres, knowing that it will break down completely at the end of its life. 

All the workshops on offer at PYHII are geared at learning practical skills, with emphasis on reusing as much as choosing natural eco materials. It has inspired me to use up some cloth scraps I have at home and *try* weaving into a basket, rug or wall hanging…

It was nice to take time out to indulge my messy crafty side. I am going to inject this new found inspiration to create, it into my wedding planning.

Speaking of which, the wedding is in less than a month. So I am signing off the blog and diving into the final stages, of planning my attempt to host a zero waste/plastic free wedding. Wish us luck! x

#trgcollab: The workshop was a gift by by Put Your Heart Into It. I use the hashtag #trgcollab to help readers idenifty items or services that were gifted to me or are paid post. This item was an unpaid gift. All views are my own. I only accept gifted items or services I would use personally. 


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