Bundanoon: Australia’s first bottled water free town

22 June 2016
Bundanoon: Australia’s first bottled water free town

Bundanoon is a sleepy village, twenty minutes down the road from where I grew up. The town is known for hosting the biggest Scottish gathering in the southern hemisphere and being the starting point for exploring Morton National Park. Its other claim to fame is that of Australia’s first bottled water free town.

If visitors want water, they can quench their thirst with fountains and taps available throughout the town. It’s filtered and free. Some businesses sell reusable water bottles.

The back story
A proposal was put forth by Norlex to extract and truck water to Sydney that would then be bottled and sold. Action group Don’t Bore Bundanoon appealed to the local council to veto the companies plan to drill in their town. The group then took it a step further. To send a clear message they were not fans of their water being sold in plastic bottles, the town voluntarily made their town an example, by making it a plastic bottle water free zone. The town has been free of bottled water from 2009.

Visit Bundy on Tap to read more.
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